Mixed Up Duchess

Jun 16, 2015

This Orange, California couple visited our showroom to get an idea of what style pool table to buy. The Mr. liked the look of the Duchess but the Mrs. didn’t like the traditional ball in claw style legs that came with it. She liked the clean lines of the Elayna, especially the queen anne style legs that come standard with that model. I think you all know what happens next, right? A chunk of chocolate bumps into a jar of peanut butter and voila we have Reese’s peanut butter cups. In our case we have a Duchlayna! It’s never been done before but I think the results look great. So why not mix it up a little with a custom built pool table to your specs. Drop by our O.C. pool table shop to put your own stamp of approval on one of our fine CL Bailey pool tables.