Moving a Pool Table Downstairs

Jun 17, 2015

Originally installed upstairs, this tournament-sized pool table in Rancho Santa Margarita, California needed to be relocated to the garage in the same home. Moving a billiard table downstairs can be tricky, especially with a landing. The 9′ Brunswick Ventura frame had to be turned carefully to get around the turn of the stairs without damaging the table or walls. Each piece of slate was carried down individually with great care. Once all the pieces were in the garage, we reassembled the frame and releveled and slates. The existing tournament green cloth was reused and rails were placed back on and aligned.

We cannot stress the importance of proper moving techniques. When moving a piece of furniture weighing nearly 1000 pounds, you need an expert familiar with all makes and models of billiard tables. Find out more about our pool table services by visiting our showroom or calling for a quote.