Third Time’s a Charm

Jun 20, 2015

We first met this American Heritage Britton weeks ago in Huntington Beach, California. The pool table was located on the third floor of a narrow build house, common in that part of town. In order to get it down the tight space of the stairway, we had to completely disassemble all parts to the point where it was new from the factory. We transported the table to its new home in Santa Ana, California, where we left it partially disassembled during the recushioning process.

American Heritages are known for having dead cushion rubber; this table was no exception. We took the rails back to our shop to put on new rubber. At the time of the move, we removed the Simonis cloth carefully, in hopes of reusing it. Reusing a worsted cloth is very difficult (especially Simonis), but it seemed as though it could be stretched a tiny bit more.

We returned to the home when the cushions were complete, and continued the difficult setup. These Britton model pool tables are notoriously difficult to get level, and it took a bit more time than usual to get the slates leveled and sealed with bee’s wax. Then, it came time to stretch the worsted wool. Using a lot of hand strength, I stretched the cloth on the ends. However, after a few attempts, I just couldn’t get it to stretch to the corner pockets and had to admit defeat. Our customer was understanding of the situation and grateful for the valiant effort. We rescheduled the date to come back and install new Tour Edition worsted cloth.

Our third trip was a success. The new tournament quality cloth looks and plays amazing. The table is completely level and ready to provide years of fun and accurate gameplay for family and friends.

Not every billiard table service job goes smoothly, but we persevere in order to leave each customer with their best game in front of them. No matter age, make, or model, our years of experience guarantee your table plays its very best.