Putting a Pool Table Back Together

Jun 26, 2015

Before new flooring is installed in a game room, your pool table should be dismantled and the pieces moved to an adjacent space. It may sound like overkill, the safest way to ensure your table and property are protected from damage. Even when moving within the same house, it should be taken apart. This Olhausen, in Westminster, California, was disassembled a few weeks ago prior to carpet removal. We returned to place the table back in its original position.

We first brought in the frame from temporary storage in the living room, carefully measuring it to center on the area rug. Shimming where necessary, we created the perfect base to support the slates. Starting with a level frame is key to getting a perfect roll. Next, each of the three slates was brought in and placed atop. These pieces were individually leveled and seams sealed.

Our customer opted to replace the bed cloth while leaving the old black felt on the rails. This makes the table look new, but saves a bit of labor and material costs. Some colors, like black, match well with an old color of cloth. Others, like camel or green, are a bit harder to match rail and bed colors.

By planning ahead and properly disassembling before the flooring company arrived, this billiard table was not damaged by moving in one piece as an afterthought.