Selling Your Used Pool Table

Jun 30, 2015

Just about every day I get a phone call asking if we purchase used pool tables. Unfortunately, we cannot take on any used pool tables right now, but I can point you in the right direction if you want to get rid of yours. We have sold many used tables in the past. Here are some tips and things to remember when selling your pool table.

  1. It’s very difficult to get a lot of money for your pool table. Buyers are looking for a bargain when buying used.
  2. Remember moving the table costs money. Either negotiate that in your price or keep it in mind when listing your final price. Take note of stairs, one piece slates, and oversize tables. All cost more to move and none should be moved by an amateur.
  3. Start by putting the word out to friends and family that you are looking to sell your table. If you don’t know anyone looking to buy, turn to online classifieds such as Craigslist. The lower your price, the faster you will sell.
  4. Put your table in the best light possible. Literally. Take great photos. Try to get the entire pool table in one frame. List your accessories and take photos. Matching cue racks or pub furniture is always a bonus.
  5. Read through our FAQ. Learn as much about your pool table as possible so that you can inform your potential buyers, why your pool table is a great deal. Try and find out what your make and model is going for new (this may be much less than you paid as the market has become quite competitive).
  6. Lastly (and probably most importantly), remember that the age of a pool table can trigger many costly things. Tables that are 20-35 years old generally need a lot of work. Often more work than what they are worth. So if your table is in this age range, has never been recushioned or repocketed it will be very difficult to sell. If you have done work to your table recently, be sure to bring that up to your buyer. An old table can play just like a new table if it has been properly cared for.

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UPDATE: We are no longer valuing tables here on the blog. Many of our readers are not local to us making it very difficult to assess the current used table market.