Clubhouse Quincy

Jul 10, 2015

We installed an 8′ Quincy at the Beachwood Park clubhouse in Dana Point, California. The recreation room was recently remodeled and the property management and design team were looking for a new classic billiard table for the space.

This antique walnut stain on maple Quincy has a traditional, yet contemporary look that compliments the beachy colors of the room. Olive cloth has a bit of personality without being too bold. Leather pockets with shields blend right in with the rest of the table. The light fixture is not a traditional billiard lamp but works well with the space. The maintenance crew will come by and raise it a few inches to the optimal 32″ to 36″ height above the playing surface.

The Quincy is just one of the well-built, affordable tables we offer. View our entire lineup of pool tables in the products section or visit our Orange County pool table showroom for more details.