Game Room Hideaway

Jul 13, 2015

Our La Cañada, California customers, converted a large storage garage on their property into an awesome game room hangout. We installed an 8′ Duchess into the newly carpeted and drywalled space.

The CLB Duchess is such a great pool table! Solid wood, classic design, high-quality slate, and cushion rubber at an affordable price, make it one of our most popular models. We build the frame in our service center, making sure all parts are perfectly aligned and secure. That strong base is ready when we arrive at the installation site to accept the weight of the three pieces of slate.

This room was sloped quite a bit, typical for a garage. You’ll notice we had to place small blocks of wood under the legs on the end to ensure proper leveling. Dark green felt was stretched on, then rails placed, aligned, and bolted down. The family hideaway is now complete and ready for years of entertainment.