Camelot Billiards in Garage

Jul 20, 2015

This Newport Beach, California garage was prepped with new (and dry) epoxy floors and ready for us to install this 8′ Camelot pool table. All pieces were waiting for us when we arrived at the home. The cloth was saved from when the table was disassembled a few months ago. We were able to use the dark green felt once again.

It is important to remove the billiard cloth carefully during any disassembling. Even if you think you aren’t going to refelt at the time of setup, circumstances may change and you may wish to reuse your old cloth. If the cloth is ripped off haphazardly, it cannot be used and you will incur refelting charges.

Though some of our customers choose to dismantle their table themselves, hardly any are able to reassemble and prep it for play. Learn more about moving, setup, and refelting by viewing our services page or by calling our Orange County Pool Table service team.