San Carlos Delivery

Jul 22, 2015

This pool table delivery was a little challenging. Our client really wanted a new pool table for her Orange, CA home, but the space was a little tight. She didn’t want to downsize the pool table and insisted on this eight-foot San Carlos by Connelly Billiards. We played with the position a while and settled on this spot. The pool table was a little close to one of the room’s walls, so she purchased a 42-inch shorty cue to help her out of a tight spot. The San Carlos is a great table and part of Connelly’s Canyon Collection. The table features an entirely solid wood cabinet made from solid maple and a three-piece slate bed made from a one-inch Brazilian slate. One of the many benefits of owning a Connelly pool table is that their mitred cabinet corners are the most solid in the billiard industry. In the market for a new pool table? Before buying the first big name brand you come across, let us open your eyes to America’s other fine billiard table manufacturers.