Adler Victoria

Aug 18, 2015

New Golden felt looks spectacular on this Adler Victoria in La Habra Heights, California. This 30-year-old table is a replica of a pool table popular in the 1920s. The 9-footer was disassembled prior to new flooring by another company. We were called out to reassemble and replace the cloth.

Antiques and antique replicas can be tricky to work with. T-shaped rails bolt in from the sides and leave little room to work when refelting, requiring extra time and experience to get correct.

Now perfectly level on the new carpet, with new cloth, our customers are enjoying their games of eight ball once again.

Service is our specialty, with over 20 years of experience working on all makes and models of billiard tables to ensure you get the best roll on every shot. Learn more about our pool table service, including moving.