Leather Pocket Ball Return

Aug 20, 2015

We recently came across this unusual 8′ Olhausen ball return pool table. The 20+-year-old pool table had been stored for a year and found new owners in Tustin, California.

I haven’t ever come across an Olhausen quite like this one. It may have been a custom design or prototype. The exterior of the pool table has a fairly common style, straight cabinet, ball and claw legs, and leather basket pockets. But, hidden inside the cabinet, there is a ball track system that collects the balls in a box at the foot of the table. The inside of the frame is marked with a handwritten date and “Butchart”. Could this be a reference to Butch Olhausen?

The new owners are happy to have this unique pool table and looking forward to playing with friends in their new game room.