Placing a Pool Table on a Rug

Sep 5, 2015

This eight foot C.L. Bailey Duke turned an unused formal living room in Fountain Valley, California into a game room space perfect for entertaining. Traditional Mahogany stain on solid maple is paired with steel gray Teflon billiard cloth. Dyed leather pockets with shields, keep the look contemporary.

Our customer chose to use a low pile rug beneath the pool table to create a visual anchor and dampen the noise of ball-to-ball contact. Placing a rug under a billiard table is optional and doesn’t affect the setup or leveling process. However, there are a few things to consider when making your rug decision.

First, think about the size of your room. This, along with the size of the table being installed is important. We can help you determine the outside dimensions of your pool table. The 8′ pictured above is 55″ x 99″, but size can vary from model to model. We suggest the biggest rug your room (and budget) can handle, taking into consideration other furniture in the room. Use our room chart pdf to help.

Second, think about style and pile. A high pile will work, but if the edge of the rug will fall in the area of your stance for shooting, it may be annoying to have your foot on an uneven surface. The style and color will likely play a role in the color of cloth you choose.

Lastly, get your rug prior to pool table installation. Unrolling your rug, and letting it relax, can prevent wrinkles. Your pool table is VERY heavy and cannot be moved easily once set up. Placing a pool table on a rug on top of wall-to-wall carpet is also an option, and the above suggestions apply.