Bar Sized Beautiful

Oct 26, 2015

This Whittier, California family was looking to create a fun space to hang out. They chose a 7′ Nash pool table to fit in their bonus room off the backyard.

The Nash, also available in 8′, is a simple affordable billiard table that doesn’t sacrifice looks or playability. Black finish and pockets mesh with nearly any decor and one-inch, three-piece slate keeps your ball rolling true. K-66 cushions provide excellent bounce and wine Teflon cloth is hardwearing yet fast and smooth.

Let DK Billiards help find a pool table that fits your budget and style. Our showroom has many different models for you to choose from. Our pool tables are shown (with prices!) under our products tab to help you get an idea of what will work in your home. Measure your space and we can work together to build a game room for generations.