Goodbye Renaissance

Oct 29, 2015

We have serviced this pool table 6 times over the past fifteen-plus years. Disassembling and crating the slates felt like saying goodbye to an old friend.

Years ago, this 9′ Renaissance was located in Covina, California. We’ve moved it and refelted it a few times, most recently about a year ago in its current location in Murrieta, California.

We were called out this week to break down this 40-year-old antique replica for the family’s move out of the area. All pieces were carefully dismantled and the three pieces of slate crated to ensure proper assembly upon arrival. The cloth was carefully folded and placed in a box with table hardware for easy installation in the new home.

Disassembling a pool table is crucial when moving in order to protect your investment. Crating is typically done when moving long distances, but can sometimes be beneficial during a remodel or local move. Please contact us for more information about our disassemble and crating services.