5 Things We Love About the Aramith Fusion

Jan 30, 2016

If your home doesn’t have a dedicated game room, a dining/pool table combination might be the answer. The Aramith Fusion is a 2-in-1 that steals the show.

  1. The FusionTable is so very sleek. It has an ultra low profile frame that leaves all other dining combos in the dust. Welded steel and special pockets keep your pool table hidden until it is time to play. Carved leg billiard tables with fancy leather basket pockets can be beautiful in some homes, but they just don’t work for contemporary and modern spaces.
  2. Your Aramith playing equipment can be stored within the table, out of sight. Not everyone wants to look at cue sticks hanging on the wall. All 16 Aramith balls can be stored in the pockets, cues and triangle flat on playing surface, completely out of sight while in dining mode. Special metal slides protect balls, pockets, and keep the underside of the table completely open. Laying cues down flat (as opposed to leaning them against a wall) keeps them from becoming warped. Your accessories also aren’t exposed to sunlight or dust when hidden.
  3. Matching Fusion Benches seat 4 adults and fit perfectly under the table during play. Don’t let the clean lines fool you, these babies are HEAVY. The sturdy steel frame holds up to large framed folks (like me) with no bowing. Match or contrast your metal finish and choose from white, black, or dark brown cushions.
  4. A real slate playing surface. Many dining pool table combinations have to sacrifice playability to accommodate the quick switch. The Fusion has genuine slate and K-66 profile cushion rubber for excellent play. This bar-sized table keeps the game moving and fun for all levels of billiard expertise.
  5. The patented lift lock leg system our favorite feature. Dining height and billiard height are not the same. The FusionTable raises to playing height with ease, then back down to dining height just as easily. One person alone can operate this function. We assure you, the slate stays level, lift after lift. Your balls will roll just as level your first game as they will your thousandth.

The Aramith FusionTable is available in multiple finishes and dining top combinations. The Fusion pictured has a grey powder coat frame, wenge tops and rails, Camel Telfon felt. Our Laguna Hills customers chose two matching powder coat benches with white cushions. For more information on the FusionTable, including delivery options, visit our showroom or give us a call.