Contemporary Black Pool Table

Feb 12, 2016

The seven foot Nash pool table was a perfect fit for our Costa Mesa, California customers. They knew their space could accommodate only a bar sized table, but they didn’t want to sacrifice any style. The three piece slate Nash had the contemporary lines they were looking for. The steel gray Teflon felt looks great against the black stain of the table. Added bonus? It is one of our most affordable models!

Planning for a pool table is important. You obviously have to decide what you want it to look like, but more importantly, you must measure your space. Knowing the room dimensions allow you to have ample playing space. We measure our billiard tables not on the outside, but by the size of the playing field. You must allow for space for cue stroke, in order to get the best game possible. An eight foot Nash would have physically fit in our customers’ space, however there wouldn’t have been enough room to shoot. Downsizing just a few inches allows for a more pleasant playing experience.

We have a printable room planning chart to help you configure your game room space. Or, give us a call with your measurements, and we can quickly guide you toward the right sized pool table.