Placing an Area Rug Under a Pool Table

Feb 10, 2017

Getting Billiard Table Centered on Rug

We are often asked if it is okay to put a billiard table on a rug. The answer is: absolutely. We were able to get this Gustav Beach Manufacturing pool table in Coto de Caza, California aligned easily. The homeowner had the rug in place (and gave time for it to relax). The pool table light fixture was pre-hung in the correct spot, making centering the frame on the rug a breeze.

Pool tables can be placed on top of rugs. Even rugs on top of wall to wall carpet. They look nice and frame the space. Carpet can also dampen the noise of the balls, especially on hardwood or with a vaulted ceiling.

It is pertinent that the pool table is placed on the rug by a professional. Adding a carpet after the table is already setup is very tricky and will require a billiard mechanic with proper tools and experience. Remember, improper moving techniques can damage even the strongest billiard tables.

Pool tables can also be installed safely on tile, hardwood, concrete and other hard surfaces. We have custom shims to protect your flooring investment. Rug or no rug, the decision is really a personal preference.

Also, don’t forget to consult our game room planning chart to help you determine the sizes of our game room furniture and to ensure adaquate space for play.