Brunswick Centennial Carom Table

Mar 13, 2017

One year ago (nearly to the day), we setup a Brunswick Centennial Art Deco Masterpiece in Redlands, California. The lengthy and difficult process of restoring a mid-century table, didn’t scare off our customer. He fell in love (rightly so) with his 10′ snooker table so much, that he decided to restore a matching 10′ carom table.

Back in 1996, I acquired seven Centennials when Right Road Billiards in Santa Ana, California closed down. I refurbished a few at the time, and kept one nine footer for myself. This last carom table needed the most work and sat shelved for many years.

The process of refurbishing was similar to that of our customer’s existing snooker table, though a bit more difficult. The rails and legs on this table needed additional love after 45 years of billiard hall abuse. They were sanded down completely, then retained. The aluminum went out for polish and came back looking brand new.

Once again, the nearly 70 year old cushions were still lively. The quality of this rubber is awesome! We recovered the rails and set out for this beauty to meet her sister. Antique tables like these do take some extra time and care. The frame went together smoothly, giving the giant three pieces of slate ample support. Brite blue cloth was stretched on the bed, then the rails and corners carefully assembled.

The finished project is a tad bittersweet. I am proud of how the table turned out and pleased it found home where it can be appreciated. It is very satisfying to say we were able to get this project done. However, the completion of this project is a bit like closing a chapter of my life.