Bomb Shelter Billiards

Basements are uncommon in Southern California, but there are some scattered around Los Angeles and Orange County. We moved this Brunswick Windsor into a basement in Rolling Hills Estates, California. During the move, we learned that this subterranean game room was originally built as underground bomb shelter.

Getting the 8′ pool table in was a bit of a challenge as the main entry to the room is a metal spiral staircase. The small drop down ladder at the other entrance did not prove useful to get the slabs of slate or large piece of frame downstairs. However, once all the parts were down, the room proved to be an awesome, secret hideaway/man cave.


4 thoughts on “Bomb Shelter Billiards”

  1. David,
    Hello! I am considering the same model table, a 9′ Adler Victoria. Can you tell me if the body is one piece or can be taken apart? I have a narrow path with an L shape stairway to my basement, I am afraid that if it is a one piece frame will not make it down there.
    Thank you so much!

    • Hello Lynn, all the Adler replicas have a one piece frame. The legs can be removed but the cabinet will not easily come apart. Hope this helps, David.

  2. I have an opportunity to purchase a 9 foot Adler Victoria pool table. Do you have any reservations or comments on this particular table. Especially the quality and possible comparison to other more popular tables. Thanks for your time RON

    • Ron, I have worked on many Adler pool tables over the past 26 years and I feel they’re worthy of owning. Not only are they beautiful replicas of the originals UT thy play very well.
      Best wishes, David.

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