Moving a Pool Table for New Floors

Sep 13, 2018

When laying new flooring, many billiard table owners are unaware of how exactly to move it. There is no easy way to “slide” an nine hundred pound object over for the flooring installers. The safest way to keep your pool table (and back) in tip top shape is to dismantle it from the top down. No broken leg mounts, cracking slates, etc.

Our Laguna Niguel, CA customers are luckily aware of the process. We provided new flooring service for them ten years prior. Ten years and three months to be exact. This time, they will be installing wood floors instead of carpet. 

The disassembly begins with rails and pockets. Then we remove the old brown cloth and staples that are attached to the slate. This Olhausen will be getting new felt, but we still take the time to properly remove the cloth. Leftover staples will shred your hand when carrying the slate or even tear felt. The three pieces of slate are safely leaned against the fireplace. Finally, the remaining pieces move to the adjacent garage. 

We will return in a few weeks to reassemble the billiard table in its former spot, atop new floors. It will be ready to play by family and friends.