Garage Anniversary

Jun 8, 2019

Pool tables can be stored indefinitely, as long as they are properly disassembled. This Brunswick Anniversary circa 1960 was previously taken apart and its nine foot slates crated a few years ago for safe keeping. Our customers were not willing to sell or get rid of their midcentury gem, knowing the time would eventually come when there was a perfect spot for it.

We were called out to Whittier, California to uncrate and setup this tournament sized pool table in the two car garage. The family’s previous generation purchased this table from nearby Friendly Hills Lanes bowling alley (before its permanent closing). The overall condition was a bit rough, however, once the Anniversary was reassembled, it played like it had many years before. Natural Walnut, With Satin Aluminum accents, and oval pedestal legs is a classic look that never seems to go out of style. New Euro Blue cloth replaces the old, faded standard green. Original Superspeed cushions were amazingly lively considering the 60+ year old age of the table.

The homeowners are now ready to host some killer pool parties this summer!