American Heritage Cushion Rubber

Mar 16, 2021

Yet again, we have come across an American Heritage pool table with bad cushion rubber. We were called out to a Yorba Linda, California home due to torn felt on the rails.

What we found on arrival was hard, brittle rubber that when balls made contact with the cushion, the sharp edge tore the felt. The rubber was disintegrating into small pieces making the pool table unusable. This particular model is likely around 10 years old, much too soon for this to be happening. High-quality cushion rubber usually lasts at least 20 – 25 years. We’ve even seen rubber that is 50 years old that is still performing as it should.

Unfortunately, this is not the first American Heritage that we’ve seen with this problem. It’s almost certain that when you have this brand, your cushion rubber will rot out before its time. The subpar cushions on these American Heritage pool tables likely were chosen to save a few dollars on the overall cost of the table by the manufacturer. Only a few years later, customers are having to replace their cushions and cloth with costs out of their pocket.

The good news is that we will replace the shoddy rubber on this table with rubber that will last for years to come. We will be taking the rails back to the shop to begin the process, as we do not do cushion replacement on site. We allow time and space to properly remove rotting rubber and adhesive in order to ensure new rubber can cure to the rail. Careful placement and trimming are best done in a workshop space.