Felt Color Chart

There is no magic formula for picking the right billiard cloth color, but we will do our best to lend you a hand. You can bring in your favorite pillow, carpet or wood sample, etc. to help with the selection if you wish. Also, keep in mind that your pool table’s wood stain and pocket color can have a major impact on what the table will look like with the new felt.

For most, our standard 21 oz., Teflon-infused woolen billiard cloth will be the best choice. It wears well and is a great to play on for a recreational player. It comes in many different colors to match nearly every decor. Worsted billiard cloth (ie. Tour Edition, Simonis) is recommended for seasoned pool players. It has a much smoother finish than the standard woolen cloth. Its tight weave naturally repels stains and has tournament quality play. There is an additional charge for worsted billiard cloth.

Remember, you should only use our felt cloth color charts below as a guide. There is no way to accurately portray color on a monitor screen, so really the best thing is to come into our billiard shop and look at the cloth swatches in person. Colors display differently on each monitor and dye lots also vary from bolt to bolt. We stock approximately 25+ of the most popular cloth colors. Not all colors are available in worsted cloth.

Standard Cloth

* special order, does not contain Teflon, additional fee may apply

Tour Edition


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  1. I am interested in buying a used table that I have found on Craigslist. What are your charges for take down, and assembly with new wine felt? I’m located in Hanover Park.
    I have also found one that has already been disassembled that I can get to my home, so I would just need the price for assembly with the new felt.

    • Hi Steve, glad you’re able to find a good used pool table. Unfortunately I’m a pool table mover in Orange County, CA. Best wishes, David.

    • Hi Jackie,I provide pool table repair and service for people who are located in Southern California. Best regards, David.

  2. What would it cost to refelt a table that is like a quarters table in a bar measuring 80 in by 40in. We keep the pool table in our garage for recreational play only

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