FusionTable WoodLine

This dining/pool table conversion table is a mix of sleek and minimalistic design with natural components. FusionTables lift-lock leg system makes it easy to change height. All accessories can be stored within table out of sight until needed. Available in four finishes. Call Dave with any questions 714-620-4001.

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Integrate a steel Space-Frame to offer the strength and stability required to carry a top quality slate playing surface while keeping the sleek European look to a dining table is the challenge Aramith succeeded with its protected Fusion design. Nothing lets anyone guess that in the only 4 ½” thick horizontal platform of the Fusion table hides a high-quality slate pool table with all its accessories.

A practical solution was also required to store all billiard table accessories like the cues, triangle, and balls. Using rigid table top panels, the void between the tops and the slate allows cues and racks to be stored. Unique patent pending Ball-Slides move above the pockets to allow balls to be stored above the stretch cloth. As such, all accessories are ready on the table at all times.

fusion leg lift

fusion leg lift

The spring assisted Easy-Lift system allows you to raise with little effort from standard 30” dining height to the optimal 33” playing height. The system requires no maintenance and has a patent pending auto-lock auto-level feature assuring perfect leveling, and maximum stability & steadiness to the table in its upper position.


With most of its 4 ½” / 115 mm thickness being taken up by the top tablets, the rail height and the ¾” / 19 mm slate, a unique solution was created for the pockets. Using hi-tech nylon stretch cloth with memory, the patent-pending pockets stretch out when they collect balls, and revert to their 1/8” / 3 mm thickness after the game.

The Fusion Dining Pool Table is a uniquely sized table to get the most out of not only the dining function but the billiard one as well. Playfield is similar to that of a 7′ pool table. The fusiontable is only available in the size listed below.

Size specifications:

Table outside dimensions : 52.8″  x 90.6″; height : 29.5″
Playing area : 37.8″ x 75.6″
Optimal room dimensions : 128″ x 165.4″