Penelope II Silver Mist

Original price was: $5,799.00.Current price is: $3,200.00.

Solid Aspen wood body, rails and post legs, all steel sub-frame w/ precision levelers for the truest roll on the market.

Matching 4 piece dining top is optional.

Features 1″ framed slate, leather internal drop pockets and K66 cushion rubber for a responsive rebound.


The next generation of the best-selling Penelope, the Penelope II Billiard Table available in 7 or 8-ft. The New Penelope II combines the sleek, clean frame of the first-generation table with the 3 new finishes and an all steel support frame keeping the body as thin as possible all while supporting the 1 inch slatebed securely. The table features solid aspen wood post legs, aprons and rails, a thinner overall body makes dining more comfortable. Optional matching 4 piece dining top. Real leather internal drop pockets, K66 cushion rubber for a responsive rebound, and 1-inch framed K pattern slate for true roll.