The Cost of a Free Pool Table

Feb 19, 2012

So you just scored yourself a free pool table, eh? You’re stoked but now you’ve come to the realization that it’s gotta get moved. This pool table is heavy. Heavier than you (and your buddies) thought. How are you going to get this beast to your house? Well, you hire us to move it, of course.

But it isn’t always that easy, you see. You may have gotten a smokin’ deal on the pool table and you’re even ready to fork over the cash to have it professionally moved. But you might just hit a bump in the road to billiard land if you aren’t careful.

So now what? Ask yourself a few questions.

  1. When is the last time this pool table had its cushions replaced?
  2. How are the pockets? Are they a little dry or cracked? Both?
  3. Are there stairs involved when moving? Tight turns or difficult access?
  4. Is this one piece of slate?
  5. What is the current condition of the cloth?
  6. Do I like the way this table looks in its existing state? What can be changed?

Not knowing these things can lead to some major costs that you might not have anticipated. So the final question is how much you’re willing to spend on a 25 or 30-year-old pool table. Check with us to learn more about the costs involved when purchasing or inheriting a used pool table.