What’s the Best Felt Color for Pool Tables

Jun 11, 2013

Making Your Pool Table Look Like New Again…

Do you remember the day that you got your pool table? Remember how new and bright the felt looked? Or maybe you’ve just acquired a used pool table with dirty, worn-out felt. You’d be amazed what refelting your pool table can do for its overall looks. With over 24 colors of felt in stock, we’re sure to have something that will compliment your pool table and game room. Usually, most of our clients choose to refelt their tables well before the felt gets ripped. Speaking of rips, you can really extend the life of your billiard cloth by maintaining the tips of your cue sticks. Yes, it’s true! Just by keeping your cue stick’s tip from becoming flat and the edges sharp, you can prevent small tears or cuts from happening to your pool table felt.