There’s So Much More Than Green

Aug 8, 2013

Designer Billiard Cloth Colors

054When most people envision a pool table it usually has green cloth. But, which green did you picture? Standard green, spruce, dark green, tournament green, or olive? Or, maybe you like red. Did you know there is red, burgundy, wine, mahogany, and paprika-colored cloth? I haven’t even started on the blues.

Whether you are buying a new pool table or refelting an old one, picking a color can be a tough choice to make. We stock over 25 billiard cloth colors and can special order certain colors such as Brite Pink. Some clients choose a cloth color that will contrast with the stain of their pool table, while others choose a monochromatic look. The fact is, there are so many felt color choices available you could drive yourself crazy.

You may want to consider certain colors if your pool table is set up on top of an area rug. You can also complement colors of wood, tiled floors, stone, or upholstery. You can use our online cloth color chart to make your selection, but we recommend you visit our pool table service center to see the colors in person. Bring flooring, fabric, or paint samples with you for the best results.

So what’s the most popular felt color to use on a pool table? Probably camel. It’s beige. It’s neutral. It goes with nearly everything. But it’s perfectly acceptable to pick something outside the box and let your personality show. You might just fall in love with ocelot print rails and Blue.