Oldie Goldie – 1974 Goldenwest Original

Sep 19, 2013

1970s Pool Table in Original Condition

We were called out to Harbor City, California for a pool table refelting. This Goldenwest Manufacturing billiard table was still in its original condition from 1974. The cloth was faded, but not torn and the cushions were still functioning after nearly 40 years.

The owners are big Rams fans and chose navy cloth with golden rails as an accent. Most Goldenwest pool tables have three pieces of slate, but this very early design has just one. (Trivia Fact: there are also one-piece slate Olhausens in circulation from their fledgling days of manufacturing.) Switching to a three-piece slate design came later in the 1970s.

This particular table still stands the test of time, and the fact that the rubber bumpers were still good is a testament to the quality materials used. Now you know why it makes us a bit sad to see deteriorated cushion rubber at 5 years or less.

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