NFL Broncos Pool Table

Feb 22, 2014

Denver Broncos Pool Table Felt

This unmarked import pool table was partially assembled when we arrived at this Mission Viejo, California home. The owner had pre-ordered the Bronco cloth for his pool table so that we could install it during the setup process.

This cloth, although very cool looking, is rather tedious to install. The material is a bit different from standard billiard felt and doesn’t cut or stretch the same. Great care must be taken to center the logo on the slate bed. A poor installation can cause the logo to be off-center or even distorted.

With a little extra time and care, we got it on and the pool table looks great. The football fans are happy and so are we.

Your pool table can be dressed up in licensed cloth. Keep in mind, that you must pre-order and not all teams are easily available. The cost is also higher due to the licensing fees. To keep your costs down, we can forgo the logo and place your team color on the pool table instead. We can even do a separate color on the rails. Black and silver together, for instance. Check our color chart or visit our showroom to see our cloth selection in person.