Black and Red Seven Footer

May 11, 2015

This newly constructed, modern-style home in Costa Mesa, California has the perfect game room space. The main living quarters are on separate levels upstairs, but the ground floor level has a perfect entertaining space off the patio. Our homeowner wasn’t the only one to think a pool table would work here. The model home directly next door features a seven-foot pool table in the same space!

This 7′ Blackhawk, is not only a perfect fit size-wise but also fits with the modern architecture of the house. Its clean, simple design looks great with the bold pop of red Teflon felt. Drop pocket cups are mostly hidden, leaving just a small lip on the rail top.

The Blackhawk, also available in 8′, has solid construction in the frame to support the three-piece, one-inch slate. K-66 cushions give amazing bounce. Surprisingly, the Blackhawk is one of the most affordable pool tables on the market, without sacrificing any quality.

Do your homework when shopping for your new (or used) pool table. Our upfront pricing is available on our pool tables page. We have a handy dandy game room planning chart to print if you’re having trouble figuring out what size billiard table your room will accommodate. View our cloth colors online to get ideas on the variety of options available to go with your decor. Or, better yet, visit our Orange County showroom to see tables and cloth samples in person.