Camelot Pool Table Move

After the rain stopped yesterday, we headed over to Chino Hills, CA to move a nine foot Camelot pool table for our client. We don’t see a lot of nine footers, so yesterday was a heavy workout for my assistant and I. This particular pool table was located below ground level and needed to be carried outside and around the side of the house to get up to the driveway where my trailer was parked. Walking backwards upstairs, while carrying 260 lb. slate pieces is a great way to exercise your glutes. Glad I didn’t do legs at the gym this morning.  My glutes and I were happy to find out that the new spot for the pool table was on the ground floor, right through the front door. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Camelot Pool Table Move”

  1. I am needing pockets for a 20 year old camelot billards pool table its 8 foot can you stear me in the right direction I bought this used and the previous owner lost the pockets

    • Hi Tim, the pockets on this pool table should be standard #6 irons which are available at any billiard supply store. If you were thinking about keeping the uppers and just replacing the leather netted portion, then you can buy the nets alone and remove and replace as needed.
      Best, PTK.

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