Recovering A One Piece Slate Pool Table

Here’s an older pool table we refelted in Garden Grove, CA. My client acquired this seven foot one piece slate table when he recently moved into the house. The 20 something year old pool table is in a room that gets a lot of sunlight, so the cloth was very faded. Also, as a result the leather pockets were all dried out on the side that faced the windows. My client wanted to protect his investment, so had me measure his table for a fitted pool table cover. Keeping your pool table covered will add years of life to your felt, cushion rubber and leather pockets. We make fitted covers for any size pool table, in a variety of colors.

2 thoughts on “Recovering A One Piece Slate Pool Table”

  1. Well, actually, to the best of my knowledge AMF Billiards of Bland, MO is no longer producing pool tables. However, finding a used AMF pool table for under a grand is totally feasable! Ask your local billiards shop for quality slate pool tables by CL Bailey Company or Fischer pool tables. Both of those brands build quality pool tables that will last for generations.

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