Here at DK Billiards, we pride ourselves on matching our clients with the perfect size pool table. What’s that you say? You didn’t know that slate pool tables came in many different sizes? Well folks, hopefully after reading my latest pool table blog, you’ll be a little more in the know about pool table sizes. Back in the mid 1800’s, pocket billiard tables really only came in one size. A four and half by nine foot was considered the “Standard” size pool table. Back in those days, having a pool table inside of one’s home was considered a status symbol. Most people who could afford such a luxurious piece of furniture probably had more than enough room to accommodate the the largest size pool table there was. Fast forward 90 years to the 1940’s. Many things had changed, home sizes were becoming smaller and some middle class families were able to afford luxury items.

Pool table manufacturers started to see a whole new market of pool table owners emerging. But if home sizes were shrinking, would pool table sizes start shrinking too? Yes, that’s absolutely what happened! Thus was born the eight foot pool table. This new size would become the “Standard Size” pool table for home recreational use. It had a 46 by 92 inch playing field, which by today’s standards is now an uncommon size. So as the sizes of homes and rooms got even smaller, the sizes of pool tables did as well.

Fast forward to present day. The old standard size pool table is now being called the “Pro Eight Foot” size table. It has been replaced by a slightly smaller size. The new standard in home pool table size is called the “4×8” foot. It’s playing field measures 44 by 88 inches. We also have available a seven foot pool table, sometimes called a “Bar Size” pool table because of it’s prevalence in bars and nightclubs. The bar tables playing field measures 39 by 78 inches. And for those folks really, really determined to have a pool table in their home game room, we can even custom build you a six foot pool table with a playing field that is 36 by 72 inches. To my knowledge, this is the smallest slate pool table size to date.