Brunswick Anniversary is a Beauty

Looking Great After 60 Years

This gorgeous 9′ 1948 Brunswick Anniversary found a new home in Rancho Cucamonga, California. These pool tables are not only very collectable, but also incredible to play on. It’s a players’ table for sure. Plus, the classic mid-century design seems to never go out of style. This one has been passed down two generations in the same family.

Tournament billiard tables like these can be a little tricky to move and set up, but it is totally worth it in the end. We put new dark green Championship Tour Edition cloth and new K55 cushions. It plays like a dream. The Tour Edition is a great alternative to Simonis 860 and Brunswick Centennial cloth. The worsted material is fast and gives experienced players a perfect playing surface. It wears extremely well, leaving less ball marks than Simonis. Best of all, it is more affordable. It’s a win-win.

Our 9′ Scottsdale in our showroom is setup with the Championship Tour Edition. We invite you to shoot a few games to get the feel. We’ve turned many a Simonis-Junkie into believers!

8 thoughts on “Brunswick Anniversary is a Beauty”

  1. My elderly father has a beautiful, similar looking, 1951 10′ Brunswick Anniversary table with 3 interchangeable tops – for snooker, billiards, and pool. In excellent condition with Simonis cloth. Currently set up with the billiards top. Comes with a complete set of balls for each – pool, billiards and snooker, and a billiards scoring Located in Ann Arbor MI. It is important to him that I find it a good new home.

  2. I also own an 8′ Brunswick Anniversary table I’m possibly going to sell,I live in the Chicago area. Thank you

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