How to Make a 1000 Pound Billiard Table Disappear?

Antique Pool Table Disassembly… Our Fullerton, CA client was relocating to WA and wanted to be sure his 1000 pound antique Brunswick pool table would make the trip safely. We built three heavy duty crates to pack the pool table slate into for protection. The ball return system is pretty basic. It consisted of wooden … Read more

Antique BBC Stays in the Family

Brunswick-Balke-Collender Billiard Table Experts… This antique Brunswick pool table has been installed here in this Garden Grove, CA home for 40 years. As a child our client used to play on this old Brunswick whenever she’d visit Grandma and Grandpa’s house. So when she and her husband and their two sons recently moved from Orange, … Read more

Help, My Balls Keep Falling Out!

Here’s a job we recently did for our clients in Huntington Beach, CA. They moved into this home in which the former owners had left this eight foot slate pool table behind. The pool table was manufactured by the now defunct, Regal Billiards of Wesminster, CA. This was one of Regal’s earliest pool tables which … Read more