Fischer Pool Table Swap

Sep 27, 2010

Here we are at Casa Loma Apartments in Tustin, CA to swap out an old 1960s bar pool table. This 45-year-old Fischer coin-operated pool table is being replaced with a brand new C.L. Bailey eight-foot Renegade pool table. The apartment manager was tired of dealing with all the tenants’ complaints about balls always getting stuck on the inside of the old bar pool table. So the apartment’s owner decided to buy a new pool table from us. It’s pretty cool because C.L. Bailey, the parent company of Fischer pool tables is still in business making pool tables in Marionville, MO. and the old Fischer pool table was made in Tipton, MO. The Renegade is a great starter table, it features one-inch three-piece slate and full-size K-66 cushions for exceptional play.

*UPDATE 04/25/13*
Here at DK Billiards we love to share the wealth of information we have about pool tables. But, unfortunately, cannot trace a serial number on a Fischer pool table. Fischer was very proud of their billiard tables and placed a serial number on all of them during this mid-century period. These records are long gone in the 21st century. We also have a hard time giving you the value of these pool tables if you are not in the greater Orange County, CA area. Each value is regional and varies greatly by where you are located and, like all antiques, what someone will ultimately pay for it.

Please feel free to share your serial numbers here in the comments section, along with any information about the approximate age of your Fischer and your location. We love to hear from folks all over the United States and hopefully, we can compile some information about mid-century Fischer pool tables for you to peruse.