Tom Arnold’s Former Pool Table Gets Makeover

Feb 25, 2013

Pool Table Refelting Specialists

You may not have a pool table that was owned by a celebrity but that shouldn’t stop you from making it look like a million bucks. This seven-foot World of Leisure pool table was purchased from Tom Arnold about ten years ago. My client had disassembled the three-piece slate table himself, and with the help of some friends moved it into his Anaheim Hills, CA garage where he reassembled it. He had gotten his use out of the old Camel cloth and decided to treat himself to a professional pool table refelting job. My client was unaware of all the felt colors available. When he walked into my Orange County pool table store to schedule his refelt, he had planned to go with Camel again. He told me his pool table was oak with a medium stain. I asked him if he’d ever seen a table covered with brown felt. I told him brown would look great with the darker grains of his oak pool table. He was pleasantly surprised at how well the brown felt blended with the oak wood grain.