Our Newport Beach, California clients were looking for a rustic pool table to tie in with their space. They chose a Pottery Barn inspired Reno Rustic in a white washed stain. The scraped solid wood of the 8′ Reno, shows a hint of gray in the grain. The charcoal Teflon cloth highlights the natural beauty of the wood, yet still has a pretty contrast against the lightness of the white. Black leather buckets complete the look. The reclaimed wood look, with a bit of a modern edge is a perfect fit.

The Reno is also available in a darker finish, natural stain, and coming soon in 7′ model. It features a massive frame with dovetail detail and a bit of exposed hardware. The sturdy frame holds the three piece slate and (heavy) rail assembly with ease.

With this Reno complete, we were able to move on to the second Reno Rustic delivery of the day, just a few miles away. Same table, completely different look.