Brunswick Centennial Carom Table

One year ago (nearly to the day), we setup a Brunswick Centennial Art Deco Masterpiece in Redlands, California. The lengthy and difficult process of restoring a midcentury table, didn’t scare off our customer. He fell in love (rightly so) with his 10′ snooker table so much, that he decided to restore a matching 10′ carom table. Back in … Read more

Beautiful 1957 Brunswick Anniversary

The classic style of this 9′ Brunswick Anniversary meshes perfectly with the contemporary design of this Manhattan Beach, California home. This 60 year old pool table could easily be mistaken for new, its condition is so spectacular. The rosewood formica was in exceptional condition, as was the aluminum trim. The original red bucket pockets and cushion … Read more

Art Deco Masterpiece

We hold a special place in our hearts for these Midcentury masterpiece billiard tables. For many years, we enjoyed our own fully restored nine foot Brunswick Centennial, until it found a new, loving home in 2011. Our Redlands, California customer also has an appreciation for the Art Deco design of the Centennial. He came across one for sale … Read more

Disassembling a Four Piece Slate Billiard Table

This Bullock Billiard table from the early 1900s needed to be disassembled in preparation for a long distance move. The Dana Point, California residents are moving and needed their antique taken apart and slates crated for the moving company to pack and transport. This hundred year old table, like all antiques, required a bit extra … Read more

Antique Monarch Into Pieces

Brunswick Balke Collender Moves Out This antique 9′ billiard table from 1875 was recently disassembled as the Corona del Mar, California residence is prepared for sale. The nearly 140 year old table will be sent to auction in Los Angeles. Antique pool table rails are different than modern ones. They bolt through the side into … Read more