Selling Your Used Pool Table

Just about every day I get a phone call asking if we purchase used pool tables. Unfortunately, we cannot take on any used pool tables right now, but I can point you in the right direction if you want to get rid of yours. We have sold many used tables in the past. Here are some tips and things to remember when selling your pool table.

  1. It’s very difficult to get a lot of money for your pool table. Buyers are looking for a bargain when buying used.

  2. Remember moving the table costs money. Either negotiate that in your price or keep it in mind when listing your final price. Take note of stairs, one piece slates, and oversize tables. All cost more to move and none should be moved by an amateur.

  3. Start by putting the word out to friends and family that you are looking to sell your table. If you don’t know anyone looking to buy, turn to online classifieds such as Craigslist. The lower your price, the faster you will sell.

  4. Put your table in the best light possible. Literally. Take great photos. Try to get the entire pool table in one frame. List your accessories and take photos. Matching cue racks or pub furniture is always a bonus.

  5. Read through our FAQ. Learn as much about your pool table as possible so that you can inform your potential buyers, why your pool table is a great deal. Try and find out what your make and model is going for new (this may be much less than you paid as the market has become quite competitive).

  6. Lastly (and probably most importantly), remember that the age of a pool table can trigger many costly things. Tables that are 20-35 years old generally need a lot of work. Often more work than what they are worth. So if your table is in this age range, has never been recushioned or repocketed it will be very difficult to sell. If you have done work to your table recently, be sure to bring that up to your buyer. An old table can play just like a new table if it has been properly cared for.

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UPDATE: We are no longer valuing tables here on the blog. Many of our readers are not local to us making it very difficult to assess the current used table market.

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  1. We are looking at getting an older Brunswick Dunham model table. The owners don’t have much info on it as it came with their house. It’s in great shape but will need resurfaced. It appears to be 8 x 4 in size. I can’t find much info on these models. They are offering it at no charge as they need the space. I’m waiting for a return call on the cost to move, set up, and resurface. What are your thoughts? Worth the money? Is this a decent table?

    • Circa 1970s. Laminate over wood. Mid-range home table for the era. 3 pc slate. If you like the price of move/repair AND you like the way it looks, you’d be alright. Check cushion rubber.

  2. Hello,

    I am trying to place a value on a 1926 Brunswick Balke Collender Conqueror Pool Table.

    It is a six legged version. It seems to be in decent shape.

    Any idea of a possible worth?

  3. I have a Olhausen Pool table it was only half put together by our business when we received it. It is not felted but does have the slate. It is no assembled at all anymore and has some wear on the pockets. Comes with all the balls and the rack, no pool sticks though. I have photos of what I think is all the parts. Wondering how much I should sell it for? Thanks!

  4. Hi we have a nice pool table that we purchased from the original buyers about 1.5 years ago. He told us that he purchased it 5 years prior (meaning it is about 6-7 years old now). It is an 8′ Brunswick Manchester II. We have 6 cue sticks with a wall mounted holder, a diamond and a triangle rack, with a full pack of chalk. It is in very good condition, with 2 pockets that had the rope fall (can be easily super glued back on). What do you think we can get for this, excluding moving costs?

    • Hi Cassie, that looks like a pretty well-built table. It’s not top of the line by Brunswick pool tables but it’s certainly worth between $1000 and $1,500. Buyer to assume all responsibility and paying for hiring professional pool table movers.
      Best wishes, PTK.

  5. I have a custom made table from Golden West Billiards Inc. I believe it was made in the late 80’s early 90’s. It is standard size in good condition with light pink felt and leather pockets. Comes with cues, cover and a light. I’m looking to sell it but have no clue what to ask for it.

  6. Hello! Thank for all the information, it is great! I have a maple supreme 9ft by Burnswick, that someone gave to me a couple of years ago. We put new felt in it and cushions when it was moved. Now we have to move and I was wondering if it is worth it to sell and if yes for how much. Thank you.

  7. Hi,

    I am looking at selling an antique pool table and was just wondering what it might sell for and if it would be worth it. It is a Fischer model Regent 91e. It’s in a bit of a rough condition but I think would be decent with a bit of work. I am actually looking at selling it for a friend who just wants it out of her basement and said I could take the profit if I get it out for her. I have some pictures I can send if that will help.

  8. I am thinking about selling my pool table. It is not currently put together. Purchased around year 2000. It is labeled with ‘Gordon Taylor’, 8 ft long, 3 pieces of slate, leather pockets, dark wood color with a dark brown leather cover. I some accessories. How much should I try to sell if for? Thanks so much for your time!

    • Selling your used pool table is a bit challenging when it is not set up. Prospective buyers are going to want to see the roll of the balls and the rebound of the cushion rubber. You may be able to ask 400 maybe more if you are willing to set the table up.
      Best wishes, David

  9. I have a 9 foot Brunswick Heritage pool table that is in great condition – hardly used. I have a buyer who is interested but don’t know what it would be worth. What should I ask for it?

    • Hello Karen, that’s a pretty nice model that you have there especially being the 9-foot tournament size pool table. I would ask between 1000 and 1500. Buyer to assume all moving expenses and repair costs if necessary.
      Thanks for reading my blog, David Kay

      • I have a pool table I wanna sell but I don’t know what it’s worth can I send you a picture and see what you think.

  10. Hello. I thrilled I came across your site because I need some advice. I have been offered a free Olhausen pool table! BUT.. it’s in rough shape. I will definitely have to refelt and replace the pockets just to play on it. If I keep it I would consider new bumpers and I would have to work with the wood condition of the rails (it would drive me nuts to have it in that shape). I also though about fixing it up and possibly selling it, but I’m not sure if I could make a profit. What are your thoughts? Here are some pictures..

    • Rough is an understatement. I’d say walk away. The nameplate is great but you’ll spend a lot fixing it up and never recoup that money if you resell. The second to last image makes me think this table was severely abused. There may be underlying frame damage based on the leg.

  11. I have a solid pool table left in the house when we bought the house. It’s beautiful solid wood with slate but I can’t tell if it is 3 pieces or 1 piece slate. I also cannot find the name of the manufacturer. We are trying to decide if we should sell it but is having difficulty pricing it. Is there anyone that can help? We can send pictures. Thank you!!!

    • Hi MJ, so if the previous owners left it behind it’s probably not a very expensive pool table. Also the fact that the rail does not display a manufacturer’s nameplate means it’s most likely to be a Chinese import table. So to determine whether it’s a 3 pc slate or 1 pc slate will be done by age of the pool table. Most every pool table made in the last 25 years is going to be a 3 pc slate design. It’s probably worth between $0-600 it could be closer to the zero if the pool table is up or down stairs.
      Best wishes, David Kay

  12. Thank you for your work and for your time on this blog. What a gift for those of us trying to sell. My pool table is striking and 9′ though I don’t have a clue who the maker is. It has gorgeous detail and we re-felted it with a competition felt. It’s distressed mahogany frame …We purchased if for $4000 from a designer in Denver. It’s worth at least 2k but I am willing to part with it for $1000 with the buyer paying for the dismantle and move? I’m unsure where to go with this. I have pictures but honestly, no idea on who the maker is _ dangit!

  13. Hello Everyone & Pool Table King,

    I’m in Colonial Heights, VA & I’d like to thank PTK for this very informative piece also fgor allowing others to ask questions and replies.

    I read everything thus far, searching for information about a Leisure Bay Pool Table but no mention. Mine is an 8ft and I am trying to sell it too. Although I am currently selling it for $900, I am curious to know if anyone has ever shipped one and what is an average shipping cost…

    • Hello Marceline and thanks for reading my blogs. So the only downside to owning and in your case selling a Leisure Bay pool table is the cushions are not very good. All of the Leisure Bay’s I’ve worked on have had “dead” cushions. So what that means for you selling a used pool table with possibly “dead” cushions can dramatically reduce the value of your pool table. You can confirm your cushions by bouncing a ball and listening for the thud on contact with the cushion. A good cushion will have no sound when a ball rebounds off of it and should easily bounce 3-4 times back and forth before coming to rest. I’d estimate the value of your pool table at about 400-700 depending on the cushion rubber.
      Best wishes, PTK.

  14. Hi! I am looking to sell my Legacy Billiards 8ft table. I can’t remember what model it is and when trying to match it with some tables on their site, there are slight variations. It has a 3 piece slate, made of solid wood with leather shield pockets. It is only a few years old and has barely been used. I have cues, balls, rack, overhead lights and a few other accessories. Is it possible to send a few pictures to get a valuation on the table so that I can sell it at a fair price? Thank you so much for your time!

  15. Hello. I have an Olhausen pool table. It says on the gold lable, Made in the USA, The Best in Biliards, Accu-fast. It is 7 foot and has fancy wood decor for the legs and frame. It has a little spot on the red felt where someone spilled something on it. I haven’t had any luck finding anyone interested.

    • Hello Randall, you may find a buyer for you used olhausen pool table if you ask somewhere between $500-1000. I’m not sure what to tell you if you’re already at this price range, maybe just hand onto it until there is more interest. Best wishes, PTK.

  16. Hi everyone. Looking to sell my dad’s 8 foot slate pool table. It’s an American Shuffleboard Company,I would say 1970s model? I’m 44 and played pool on it when I was 4 so somewhere around there?! I would say in moderate condition,hasn’t been played on much for quite awhile. They live north of Seattle,want the person who buys it to move it. Would come with balls and sticks plus holder. Any general idea for price would be great! Trying to get rid of things not used so they can move to assisted living. Thanks for any help

    • Hi Michelle, sounds like a great pool table for someone’s garage or man-cave. You mentioned it is an 8ft but to my knowledge American Shuffleboard only made 7ft “bar tables”. It’s possible but unlikely it’s an 8ft. A typical 7ft “bar box” as they’re called would measure 53×93 inches. I’m estimating this to be worth 500-700 plus the expense of hiring a professional pool table mover.
      Best wishes, PTK.

  17. Have an oversized 8 ft Gandy about 17 years old. 3 piece slate. Its in great shape. Served as laundy table for last 10 years – lol -so not 18 years of play. Can you provide a realistic price range? I was thinking $750 – $1000.

    • Hello Chuck, what you are asking is a very good price for a quality American made pool table.
      Best wishes, David Kay

  18. I have an Imperial 8′ oak table which has been re-felted in the last 6 months.
    I am selling the home, and do not have need since there is already a table at our new home.

    Can you tell me what this very lightly used table should sell for?

    I can be called or texted at 714.493.6666

    Thank you

    Huntington Beach, CA

      • If given the choice, would I be better off keeping the Imperial over the Advanced Billiards table at my new home?

        Both in similar condition.

        Thanks in advance,


        • That’s a great question Chris but it’s a toss-up depending on how old the Imperial is it may be likely that the cushion rubber can go dead on that one but it’s also and even more likely that the cushion rubber will go dead or is already dead on the artist and table. Nothing to be alarmed about because all of that can be repaired in my workshop we do hundreds of pool tables a year that require a new cushion rubber replacement.
          Best,David Kay

  19. Hey everybody,

    This is a really great site as I’ve been trying to make the big decision about my table. It’s about 14 years’s old now. It was a gift from my dad for my high school graduation.

    Before I explain why I am trying to sell it, I can tell you with full honesty and would be happy to show serious buyers that it is a beautiful 8 foot Brunswick Tremont table with I believe an inch of slate and felt that is in near perfect condition. In addition, we have a great Coors Light pool lamp that I will include for any buyer, along with a cool chair for those waiting to shoot, a rack/holder for cues and other accessories, and two sets of pool balls.

    I had planned and been trying everything to keep that table, especially after last year when my father passed very rapidly from cancer. I had hoped to make it a family heirloom to pass down. Unfortunately the real estate market rapidly changed on our street and I am moving much quicker than planned, as is my mom. And I am going to be moving in with my girlfriend into an apartment or townhouse and there just isn’t the room for it to get its proper due.

    It’s very difficult sell off some of my dad’s items or things he bought for myself and siblings, but it is the right time to sell this table. It has some years on it, but not a ton of mileage, especially in recent years. I realize many people on here have more knowledge and experience and I certainly will not try and pretend I am an expert.

    I am just looking for fair value and for somebody who will give that table a proper home. I understand moving the table has its costs so I am flexible on price. But, as I mentioned I am including quite a bit of extras for the potential buyer. I just want to make this quick and easy without haggling. I am a very straight shooter and after what our family dealt with last year, there are more important things than making a quick buck on a pool table.

    That being said, I have spoked to some so-called experts who work in this field and they think $1500 is about right for the starting point. I am happy to provide pictures and for the serious buyers, I will absolutely make time for them to come see in person and try it out. Please let me know of your interest and intentions and we can go from there. I can be reached on my email or cell 732-600-2425.

    Thanks and hope to talk to a few of you soon!


    • Hi Matt, it’s sounds like a great value for someone looking to buy a used Brunswick pool table. Best wishes and hopefully you’ll get a quick sale. Another option is to disassemble the pool table and take it with you. You can find a small corner in your garage to store the parts for a few years until you are ready to set it up.
      Best, PTK.

  20. I am looking at buying a pool table. Was holding out for a diamond pro am. That said I came across a used 8ft Connelly. It is priced at 1000 dollars and noted as being in good like new condition. My problem is they say it is a San Marcos model and I can not find any mention of this model online. Can you help or do you have any info about this model. I assume it is a discontinued model of some sorts.

    • Hi Rich that’s a much better choice Connelly Billiards makes a solid product. I believe that it’s probably a typo and it’s a San Carlos which if it is for $1,000 that’s a great price. Best of luck, David

  21. Hi. I have a vintage (50-60 yr old) Bally coin operated bumper pool table. I have someone interested in buying it but I’m trying to determine if it has any value as an antique versus just a bumper pool table. Is that something you can help with?

    • I’m sorry but there just isn’t enough information provided to value the table. Value is mostly based on condition. Please contact us directly if you are in the Orange County, CA area.

      If you are not, please contact your local billiard mechanic.

  22. I have a 8′ Wilson Tropical Conifer which converts to a table tennis table. 4 cues, balls, rest etc.Hardly used. Any idea how much I might get?

    • I’m sorry but there just isn’t enough information provided to value the table. Value is mostly based on condition. Please contact us directly if you are in the Orange County, CA area.

      If you are not, please contact your local billiard mechanic.

  23. Hello, I currently have a 1916 brunswick-balke company chateau. It’s a 9 foot table with good felt and good cushions. It does need a little woodwork done on it. I also have the original billiard balls that also come with it. What would be a good value to sell it at?

    • I’m sorry but there just isn’t enough information provided to value the table. Value is mostly based on condition. Please contact us directly if you are in the Orange County, CA area.

      If you are not, please contact your local billiard mechanic.

  24. I have a 10 year old, 8 foot, slate Olhausen pool table that I am interested in selling. The felt is in excellent condition and was only used a handful of times. The legs are not solid wood but are a veneer and have water damage from basement flooding, where it was stored. The veneer is pulling off about two inches to the bottom of the legs. I have photos but could not figure out how to attach. Any advise would be much appreciated.

    • Hi Jane, unfortunately at this point your used pool table may not have the sales leaning towards you. Because of its need of re-veneering the legs you have an immediate impact on the value. To start of with you have a low end pool table but to add pre-existing damage that pretty much negates any potential profits you would have seen, plus the pool table is not even set-up to play on. Selling a disassembled pool table is tough because most folks would prefer to “test out” the table before buying it. My recommendation would be to donate as is to a boy’s & Girl’s club or church youth group or teen center.
      Best wishes, David

    • David,
      Thank you so much for the information. I may have miscommunicated. The pool table is set up in my father’s basement. All balls and accessories are there. I recently found out that the table is an Olhausen Sheraton Model. I too feel that it does not hold much value as it must be moved, but someone could try it out at its current location.
      thank you,

  25. Hi,

    I have an antique pool table with a “Syracuse Billiard Company” plate on it. I found the table in a barn and offered the owner $500 for it. After buying it, I put $2,500 into refurbishing it. Table is still very sharp and functional, just don’t use it.

    Now I am looking for some guidance about the best way to sell and for how much to offer.

    Here are the specs:
    Standard oversize 8 table, 46″ x 92″ playing surface
    Built circa 1901
    Solid and gorgeous quarter-sawn oak
    Original slate
    Meticulously refurbished with original materials and leather pockets
    Table includes 6 quality cue sticks, cue rack, ball rack, new overhead billiards lamp, chalk, like-new billiard balls, and wire scoring system

    Table located in Upstate New York and would require disassembly and assembly.

    I appreciate your reply!


    • Hi Nick, you should reach out to Blatt Billiards in NYC to assist you with your antique billiard table.
      Best, PTK.

    • Hey Mallory, it’s tough to say what a used Chinese pool table is worth in KY as I’m in CA. I would guess it’s worth between 400-600.
      Best regards, PTK.

  26. My brother-in-law is storing his Brunswick pool table in our garage. I want it out lol so he has asked me to try to sell it. I believe the price he told me to try to sell it for is $1,000 (will deliver locally) but honestly I don’t even know if it’s worth that much. Do you have any advice on how to figure out how much it’s worth? He owns a antique piano moving business so maybe he does know what he is talking about but I don’t want to look stupid trying to sell it.

  27. Pool Table King, Thank you for the quick response and your help regarding buying my first pool table.

  28. I am looking to buy a used pool table by Nashville TN. I did have someone offered a Steepleton The Dorsey 8 foot table suppose to be in great condition for $1000.00. Is this a fair price for this table? The table is fully broken down already so going to look at it shortly. I have a mover set up for 375 for the full setup. Never bought a pool table making sure I am not getting ripped off.

    • Hey Anthony, I’ve installed a few dozen Steepleton pool tables and think they’re built very well.
      $1000 seems very fair.
      Best wishes, PTK.

  29. Hi PTK –
    I’ve been reading your responses – how kind are you to offer such awesome free advice! WOW! I have a table we purchased from our home designer 13 years ago. We’ve used it – oh…5 times. The table is a 3-slate, distressed mahogany 9 foot competition table with high end tan felt, etched feet…I have no idea of the maker or model. Love to see this but am starting from scratch. Any help you could offer would be so very appreciated.

    • 9′ competition-sized pool tables cost more than standard 7′ or 8′ new. Therefore, a used 9′ should have a higher used price tag. Remember that competition tables take up more space and typically require a bit more experience to play on. Manufacturer information is going to make it easier to price and sell.

    • Oh hey Rebecca, that is so nice of you to say. Sure 9 foot pool tables are elegant and the epitome of Billiards. Unfortunately most folks are not looking for nor have the room for a nine foot pool table. Here in So. California a table like that could sell for anywhere between $1000-2000 on the used market. Best wishes, PTK.

  30. I have a 9′ Le Mieux Pool Table in Cherry with chocolate pockets with fringe. Red felt. Purchased in 2001/2002 at Blatt Billiards for $10,000. Comes with cue sticks with standing wood rack. In excellent condition. Rarely used. It’s was professionally taken apart and stored for 5+ years when we moved to a smaller home. I only have a picture of it pre-move – cannot see entire table but you can see it’s beautiful and in nearly new condition. Cost of moving is lessened having been taken apart professionally and stored. Advice?

    • Marla, I would either call Blatt to inquire about re-selling to them or maybe they’ll take it in on consignment. If you strike out with Blatt you should try listing it on Ebay for about 30-40% of what you paid for it. The fact that the pool table is currently disassembled is not to your benefit because some local shoppers may want to “kick the tires”, so to speak. You are correct in assuming that the cost to move the table will be cheaper because it is already disassembled but I think the cons outweigh the pros, unfortunately. Best wishes, PTK.

  31. I have a 9 ft House of Lords table from the 1960’s in excellent condition. My grandfather had a pool hall/gas station in Pittsburgh, PA. Could you give me an idea what you think this table might be worth?

    • Hello there, I’m not familiar with this brand of pool table. It can be worth anywhere from $0-2500. It’s value really depends on the playable condition, style and rarity of the pool table. Best, PTK.

  32. Good morning! I have a 8′ slate AMF Playmaster pool table with purple felt, leather pockets, 6 pool cues, and a billiards lamp I am looking to sale. What would be a good price? It would also need to be moved up one flight of stairs. Thank you!

    • Chris, used pool table prices vary from free to $3000 or more! Assuming your buyer will be paying for pool table movers, I’d estimate your used AMF to go for $400-700 or maybe more if you have a fancy model. Good luck, DK.

  33. Have an 8 foot Connelly oak, blue felt, Kayenta model I believe. Bought it new 15 years ago hardly used. Live in Santa Monica. Good condition. Reasonable selling price?

    • Francis, nice, well built starter pool tables manufactured in the U.S. with age being around 15 years old should be sold for approximately $900-1500. Cushion rubber should be inspected for hardness/premature aging, hardening. Best regards, Dave

  34. Looking at a Steepleton Plainview, probably from mid 90’s. Contacted their Louisville sales office. They tell me it sold new for 2395.00 back then. Table still looks to be in great shape to me. Any ideal what it’s worth?

  35. We wish to sell our pool table, need help regarding the sale and interested buyers
    Full slate 10′ x 5′ Billiards / Snooker table.

    Top of the range in as new condition
    Includes Snooker balls,
    Pool balls,
    Kelly pool selection kit,
    framed rules poster,
    full length rest and cue.

    We are looking for a good home….

    For the bargin price of $2,250. or O.N.O. will negotiate price.

    “Pick up only”

    • Hi

      Is your table still available? OF so, please send a picture or two.

      Also, where is presto’s, NSW



      • Hey Denny, the snooker table is gone and by the way I never actually owned it. I was actually hired to move and restore it. It eventually went to Redlands, CA to join a 5×10 foot Anniversary Carom table that I did sell/restore to the Dentist I texted you about yesterday.
        Best, PTK.

    • Hello Mark, it looks like a fair deal to me. Go check it out to test the action of the cushions and condition of felt. Best wishes, Dave.

  36. I have a pool table. Wanted to sell it havesome questions. How much and who the hell do it too for selling it for the right price. Its a quild table. 8ft pecan table. Squire ramshorn.

  37. We have an A.E. Schmidt, 8×4, Atlas (we think). It has been in the family for 60-70 years, probably close to 100 yrs. old. Been in storage the last 35 (climate controlled garage, dismantled, under a cover). We were looking at having it moved and recovered, or trading it in on a newer model. Has the 2.25″ bed (slate/backing), leather drop pockets with chrome covers. I could attach some pics to a direct email.
    Is it worth anything currently, and would it be worth the cost to move, set-up, recover, etc.? Pretty good condition for it’s age. Can send pics to an email request.



  38. Hi. Let me start off first by saying thank you for answering all these questions! I am looking at buying a used Connelly San Ramos 8 foot pool table. Seller states to be in very good condition. It was purchased in 2005 and they say they are the original owners. I have not looked at the table myself, and do not currently know the condition of the bumpers or felt. Any specific concerns about this brand up table, or the fact that it is 12 years old? Also, they are willing to sell it for $700 (we’re asking $950 and claim they paid $2500 for it), but I have to spend another $500 to move it. Thoughts on the price?

    • Hi Danielle, I think you may be thinking about the San Carlos. We sell this pool table for around 3k. If you can buy this one for 700 you’re making out like a bandit. The age is a little concerning because at 12 years years old the cushion rubber may be stating to wear out/harden and becoming “dead”. This shouldn’t be a deal breaker though because you can easily have a billiard mechanic recushion the rails for a few hundred dollars.
      Best, David.

  39. I have an 8 ft. Belmont table from World of Leisure, in perfect condition, purchased in 2000 for $2695.00, any idea what I should sell the table for?
    Many thanks!!

    • Mary, Id say you could ask $800-1000 and you may be able to find a buyer who’s willing to take the chance that the cushion rubber has not gone “dead” yet. Good luck, David.

  40. I am interested knowing the resale value of my 3 year old 7′ Presidential Billards Tiffany. Thanks.

    • My only experience with Presidential pool table is the few years that i sold them. This was back in 2007 and i was not impressed with their construction. Maybe since then the Mfg has made some very needed improvements. Id say you can ask $500-1000. Hope this helps, David.

  41. Hi There,

    Any advise about selling 2002 9 ft. Brunswick “Montebello”? Original owner, excellent condition. Located in Atherton, CA.

    Thank you,

    • A good table with a recognized name would probably sell for 40-50% of new Brunswick pool table prices.

  42. I have an 8′ pool table with a gold tag on it that says “Cue Master Florence, Kentucky Serial No. C3426. My Dad had bought it from the home owner of his current house in 2001. It has probably less than 50 games on it since then, covered after each game and is in very good condition. It has been in the family room (the highest floor in his house) since he bought it. Any thoughts on value?

    • Tom, the fact that you have a slate pool table up a flight or two of stairs will make moving cost much higher. If you take this into consideration when listing it for sale, you might find someone who is willing to pay 600-800. Other factors such as cushion rubber life and felt condition will notably lower this estimate.
      Good luck, PTK.

  43. I have a beautiful 4 x 8 Brunswick Treviso table that I purchased in 2012 for around 8k with a leather cover, Brunswick cue rack and 6 pool cues. It is in mint condition hardly used and I am considering selling it. Any thoughts on what I should offer it for in the Chicago metro market? Thank you.

    • Troy, not sure of the Chicago used pool table market but would say Brunswick pool tables have a higher resale value. The Treviso is a pretty high end pool table and I’d guess 40-50% of it’s price new would be fair.

  44. My dad found a nice gandy pool table at a habitat for humanity in town for $400. He went ahead and bought it for the house as we love playing pool when we rent houses on vacations. It has slate, and was refelted a few days after he purchased it. The only Gandys I can find online are old coin operated ones being sold by out of business pool halls. This one seems to have good quality wood, and 6 leather pockets. What would a home use style Gandy like this be worth approximately since their aren’t many for reference online?

    • Wow, sounds like a great buy. Models vary quite a bit so putting a value to yours is uncertain but I’d say for sure it’s worth what your dad paid plus the cost of refelting and leveling it.

  45. I have a Gandy 3 piece slate table with 6 leather pockets which I purchased new in 2000 for $2500 that had a list price of $5000. I have played on the table for years and it appears the rails and cushions need replaced.

    Felt is still in good shape and table looks great. I am moving to a new home that doesn’t have room for the table. What is a fair price for this?

    • Larry sorry to hear about your having to sell your Gandy pool table. Gandy tables are very well built and would be a great asset to anyone’s would be gameroom. Unfortunately what you paid for it means nothing in regards to resale value. If you have bitter feelings about letting go of such a quality piece you could always disassemble the pool table and take/store with you until a future date/place is attained when you can enjoy your Big G once again!

  46. Hello, My dad recently passed and we are in the process of selling items in his estate. One of them is an Irving Kaye pool table probably purchased in 1960. I know he had the felt replaced once and it is in mint condition. I’m not sure where to look for a serial number. Do you have any idea what it is worth? Thanks, Becky

    • Becky, sorry to hear of your loss but unfortunately the Irving Kaye pool table is somewhat obsolete by today’s coin-op pool table standards. Most bars will not be interested in this table as the coin operation is not as durable as a Valley, Dynamo or a Global coin-op. It is however a solid unit for a home or garage pool player. I’d put a value of $1000 if the cloth and cushion rubber are in good working order. Keep in mind the cost to move a pool table like this can be more expensive because of the one piece slate used in Irving Kaye’s.
      Best wishes, PTK.

  47. Hello, I am thinking about buying a pool table off Craigs list. 8′ 3pc Murrey and Sons 15yrs old. They are saying 200.00, and 250 to have professionally moved. Not sure if that means 250 total or and additional 250 to move. Does this sound like a good deal? Thanks!

  48. I am looking at a used table on craigslist that claims to be a Peter Vitalie. But the pictures I got show a 6 bolt corner joint and bolt on leg, and the seller claims the slate is 1 inch. To me it looks like an American Heritage Eclipse. I know American Heritage bought the Peter Vitalie inventory. Did they rebrand and AH tables as Vitalie or is this a scammer putting a Vitalie names plate on an import? I could email the pictures if the links do not work.

    • Definitely not a Peter Vitale pool table nor is it an American Heritage. It could be a World of Leisure or Imperial which are both decent import tables. If you can get this for under $400 it’s fair. Happy hunting, David.

  49. Hello we’re moving soon looking to sell my NewCastle pool table. I don’t know much about pool tables and was looking for how much it’s worth or what’s a good price to sell for. Thank you

    • Not familiar with your brand pool table. If it’s a slate table it’s probably worth 0-1000 dollars. Do some comparisons of others to establish a value.
      Good luck, David.

  50. Hi, I live in Riverside. I have an 8′ Olhausen York I purchased from a private party 4 years ago. It has only been used a handful of times since. The room it’s in is awkward to play in, and I hate seeing the table and the space to go waste. I can store it in my garage until we can move to a bigger house, but it would be exposed to Southern California temperature/weather fluctuations because our garage is not insulated.

    It is in beautiful condition, and I was thinking $1800-2000 would be a fair asking price. Do you think that’s too high? With delivery on top of that?

    • Hello Salina, it is fine to store in garage for few years as long as you properly wrap the parts and keep in a dry place. As far as selling, I think you need to find out what that model sells for new. Since you have a quality, name brand pool table you’ll likely get about 35-50% of its retail price. You can try disassembling the pool table yourself it’s really not too bad. Best wishes, David

      • Oh that’s great news. Thank you! I really don’t want to lose it!

        I saw it priced around $5000 new.

  51. Im contemplating on buying an Olhausen 8ftx4 Santa Ana model that was made in 2003. The asking price is $2500 the negotiated price is $1500 (with 6 cue sticks aramith premium balls, basic wall mounted cue stick holder, rack). The condition of the table is still good visual wise (felt pockets, table). I have seen tables 3 to 5 ears old around the same price. The cushions and the felt has never been changed. Will I be paying too much. He said the dealers offered him $1000 but he turned them down. It does not have the Italian slate sticker on the slab so I don’t know if it is Brazilian. I have read that if the Olhausen tables with Brazilian slate does not come with Accufast cushions. I can send pictures if necessary. Thanks

    • Hi Mark, the slate being Brazilian has nothing to do with the cushion rubber not being Accufast. That’s a pretty good price for this used pool table. I’d try to negotiate further to help defray some of the cost in hiring a pool table mover. Good luck, David

  52. Hello. We have an 8′ Ol Hausen pool table we are looking to sell. 3 piece slate, excellent condition, comes with 6 pool cues and the triangle. Any thoughts on where we should start asking price wise?

    • We unfortunately cannot value tables online. If you are in the Orange County area, please contact us for more information.

  53. I found a 4 x 8 Top Line brand pool table on Craiglist.


    Is this worth looking into?

    • We unfortunately do not have enough information to help. Brand, age, location are all very important factors. If you are in the Orange County area, please contact us for more information.

  54. Hello,
    I have a 4×8 Golden West Reverse Rainbow brushed steel with black rails, dark green felt for sale. Bought less than 5 years ago and in excellent condition including all accessories needed! This table easily retails for well around 10k. Would like to get an idea of how much is reasonable resell value. Also if anyone reading this and interested, would be glad to send pics. Thank you!

  55. I am trying to sell my Olhausen Eclipse pool table. It is cherry wood with the rounder sculpted legs, not the straight ones. I the cloth and cushions are in great shape and it has leather pockets. The table is 4×8 and in almost new shape. It is probably 6 or 7 year olds and has really not been used much since it was purchased. It is a 3 piece slate top . We are moving and I am not sure I want to pay the cost of having the dealer take it apart, ove it then reassemble it. I am just wondering what I can expect for a selling price . I can provide pictures if that would help in your appraisal. thanks and I look forward to your reply

    • We unfortunately cannot value tables online. If you are in the Orange County area, please contact us for more information.

  56. I live in San Diego and have a 8-foot Golden West Nevada Round Leg (Oak) pool table purchased in 1980 that is in good shape. The time has come to sell it. What is a reasonable price to sell it for?

    • Hello Dennis, that’s a nice, we’ll made pool table however the age is concerning. A table that old usually needs new leather pocket nets, new cushion rubber and possibly new felt. I’d say a fair asking price would be $300-800 depending on component condition plus the cost ofor hiring a pool table mover near you.
      Kind regards, DK.

  57. Hello!

    I am interested in selling a Fischer Regent 91 pool table and have no idea of how to sell it, its value.
    It is a slate top, has a coin operation (2 dimes). The felt is useable, bumpers and pockets are fine, but I would think a new owner would re-felt it. Serial number 51370. I am in NJ.

    • Hi Jane, it’s a cool, retro looking pool table. I’d estimate this to sell for $400-800 assuming all the cushion rubber is not “dead”. You should also consider the cost to move a one piece slate pool table is considerably higher than a three piece slate.
      Good luck, DK.

  58. Hi, I have a nine ft.,three piece slate top pool table with one foot square legs believed to be over one hundred years old. I can’t find manufacturing markings on it and I’m wondering if you know much about really old tables and value.

    • Hi Jack, I’m not sure on that one. Antique billiard tables vary greatly in complexity of details from model to model and thus creating huge swings in worth. You may want to search for your model on Brunswick Billiards website of antique pool tables.
      Kind regards, PTK.

  59. Hello,

    I’m considering buying a used 8′ Brunswick Ventura which is in excellent condition. The current owner is asking $2250 for it. Is this a good deal? Thank you.

    • Devon, it’s a little high for that model pool table. Maybe you can negotiate the price to include the cost of hiring a professional pool table mover near you.
      Regards, Dave.

    • I am trying to find a home for my 9′ slate Oleo pool table in perfect condition. Photos available if needed. It comes with a leather cover, pool sticks with rack, two sets of pool balls, and a decorative pool lamp. . We’re military family from Jacksonville, Fl getting ready to be transferred overseas. Thanks

  60. I can but a 10 year old 8′ Connelly with 1.25 inch slate for $1000. It’s in excellent condition. Is this a good price?
    Thank you!

  61. Hello,

    I have been asked to try and sell my bosses antique snooker table however I am not sure how much it could be worth.

    He purchased it in England in the 1990’s from Sir William Bentley Billiards in Wiltshire England. They are “makers & restorers of the world’s most beautiful
    Billiard, Snooker & Pool tables.” The table is made of mahogany, I think is 19th century and has the original slate (much thicker than modern slate. It was originally 12’ by 6’ but he had them professionally reduce the table to 10’ by 5’ because it was too difficult to fit in the house at full size.

    It is in excellent condition.

    My boss did not take the best photos of it however I can send them to you for a better idea?

    • Hello Amber, being in Southern California we’re not accustomed to Snooker Table resale values. Best of luck, DK.

  62. What would the resale value be for a barely used 12 year old 8′ Olhausen Santa Anna in mahagony finish? It appears they still sell now for about $5k.

    • Hi Jim, I’d think about $1800 would be a fair price. If you’re going to hire a pool table movers near you I’d say you’d probably want to have some wiggle room in your budget for sale price plus moving expense. Best wishes, Dave.

  63. I am trying to find a home for my 9′ slate Oleo pool table in perfect condition. Photos available if needed. It comes with a leather cover, pool sticks with rack, two sets of pool balls, and a decorative pool lamp. Please advise where and how to sell them. We’re military family from Jacksonville, Fl getting ready to be transferred overseas. Thanks

  64. Hi I have a 1968 gold felt 7′ pool table I’m wanting to sell. Great condition. It’s from Sears .I’m not sure how to sell it. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

    • Looks like a slate table, no I don’t believe it was manufactured in the US. Vietnam or China likely. You would have to contact Brunswick directly to verify for sure. Those Centennial balls would be a good addition to the table.

      Slate tables weigh approximately 800ish pounds. A non slate can be easily moved by two people, but never will never play as true as stone.

  65. Hi, I was hoping to get some opinions on how to price out our pool table. We have the Brunswick 1994 Marlboro pool table and I can’t find any information on those tables.

    • Chris, that sounds like a promotional product pool table. We’re not sure of it’s present day value as the market varies from state to state. Hope this helps, PTK.

  66. Hello Pool Table King: I would like to purchase an Olhausen Drake table from a friend – 7 or 8 feet – she is not sure and I have not seen it yet – and all of her accessories – cue sticks, balls, etc. What is a fair price for this table in good condition? It is 10-12 years old I would guess.

    • Unfortunately we cannot value a table online. Please give us call or email if you are located in the Orange County, CA area.

  67. Hi Pool Table King,

    About a year ago my parents bought a pool table from a friend who had the felt replaced right before. They used it a bit around the holidays, but are now looking to sell it as it is never used anymore. I’m not sure where to find the model or serial number, but there is a ‘diversified products corporation’ logo by the ball return. I know that company went out of business in 1998 but I’d like to try to learn the value of this pool table before I sell it. It’s in good condition, the only physical damage is one of the corner rail caps is dented (probably from the original move) but it doesn’t affect game play.

    Thank you!

    • Unfortunately we cannot value a table online. Please give us call or email if you are located in the Orange County, CA area.

      • Hi Billiard Mama. I’m sorry I wasn’t not looking for you to value it as I’m all the way in NY 🙂 I came across the post and saw the helpful responses so I thought maybe someone can tell me where on the pool table I could look to find a model number, serial number or some other identifying info so that I can see if it’s worth pursuing a value . Thanks!

        • A lot of folks don’t realize we are not a national company 😉

          A serial number won’t help, I’m afraid. Used tables are a tough sell. Usually a few hundred dollars will be all you’ll usually get for one. There are a few gems out there worth some serious dough, but it doesn’t sound like you have one of them. Your best bet is to contact someone in your area, to verify what kind of table it is. Best of luck and thanks for stopping by!

  68. We recently bought a house that contains a 9′ Golden West “Victorian” billiard table which was refelted, recushioned and reassembled 2 years ago. It was custom built in the 1970s, according to Golden West. It has golden lions underneath it, a very distinct style, and seems in very good condition. Any advice about whether this is an enticing billiard table and how I might sell it? I appreciate your help!

  69. Please offer a dollar value for a professional Vitalie La Renta nine floor table in excellent condition in the greater Los Angeles area

  70. I have a 4×8 National Alamo II. Gunstock walnut finish, brown felt. It was purchased in 1979 and is in great condition (except for a bit of wear around the bottom of the feet.) It is a 3 piece slate, at least 1 inch. (unless there’s such a thing as 1.5 inch – it doesn’t say on the invoice, and when I measure at the pocket, it seems thicker than 1 inch.) Paid 1,356 in 1979. How much should I ask? I can send pictures.

    • Used pool tables are difficult to value, especially online. Your slate is likely one inch thick with a wood backing of ¾”. Remember we are located in Orange County, CA.

  71. 3m Scotchbond isn’t available or legal here. What is another contact cement to attach new Cushions?

    • I use a product called original contact cement made by DAP. It’s in a small red can, pint size I believe. Thanks for your question, DK.

  72. Have a world of leisure pool table that I am looking to sell. It is circa 1996. Looks just like the Remington model they sell today ( down to the detail), but of course the wood is older and has never been refelted. What do you think a good value would be to start?

    • Hello Angela, if you simply want your pool table gone I’d ask $400-600 and insist that the buyer hires a professional pool table mover who is licensed and insured. Good luck, David.

  73. Hi Pool Table King,
    We just bought a house that came with a pool table. We are looking to sell it but have no idea its worth. It looks brand new Connelly 8 foot, claw feet, camel color felt, lather pockets, cherry stain, raised paneled sides. Pool table is located on ground floor. How much do you think we should ask??

    • Well Morgan I’m sad to hear you’re considering ditching one of America’s finest pool table manufacturers. If it truly is a Connelly San Carlos which by the way we sell for $3200 I’d ask anywhere from $1000-1500. Morgan I’d seriously try to talk you into having the pool table professionally disassembled and stored in your garage or similar storage spot until you were able to utilize the fun you’d reap in play Billiards. I hope you make the right decision. Best wishes, David.

  74. Hi Pool Table King,

    My husband and I are looking at an 8′ Brunswick Manchester II for $1,000 on Craigslist. It was bought in 2005 and (according to seller) has no damages to rails, felt, legs. Does $1,000 seem like a fair price (including pool cues, balls, rack, etc)? My concern is the Manchester II is not real slate and if we would be better off going with a cheaper table like Legacy Billiards…Thanks!

    • Hello Hana, to my knowledge the pool table you describe has a slatebed. $1000 seems pretty good, maybe you can negotiate down to $800. Best wishes, David.

  75. Hi, I am considering buying a World of Leisure Houston pool table on craigslist. There is not a picture of the actual table as the owner says it is already disassembled. But it is the oak version (is that the one at the top of this page?) It is hard to find much info on this table–is it a quality table? Do you know if it falls into the economy grade with the .75 slate or would it be the 1″ slate? The price is $800 and that includes having it delivered, setup, and re-felted. It seemed strange that a craigslist item would include all of that, but it seems the company he bought it from is going to do the move and setup/re-felt and they will take a chunk of what he makes on selling it. What do you think of this table, and the deal in general?

    • Hi Rich, 800 sounds like a great deal consider the cost of moving and recover costs anywhere from 550-650. In fact if more Cheedslist sellers would include this, transaction would go much smoother! I approve of this! Best regards, David.

  76. Hi, we have a 15 – 20 year old Connelly 3 piece slate full-size regulation pool table. A few bumpers could be replace. We are moving and would like to sell it, but really don’t know how much and craigslist is all over the place. Would you have any ideas?
    Thank you, Robyn

    • Hello Robyn, Connelly pool tables are built very well and should fetch a decent amount of money on the used market. Can you take a look at my website and try to identify which model you have. Let’s see what you have and price accordingly. Best regards, David.

  77. Hello Pool Table King… I have a 9′ Playmaster Renaissance (dark wood) which is approximately 15 years old and in very good condition other than it needs to be re-felted. Can you give me a ballpark as to its worth? Thanks

  78. hello, i have an Olhausen pool table that i kept possession of after a divorce. however i did not get the documentation for it (model, price we paid, etc). is there a model number or any information that would be stamped on the table itself? i have looked underneath but the only thing i saw was stickers for the slate…thanks!

  79. Hi Dave, someone on craigslist is selling a 2 year old imperial eliminator (7 foot). He’s around 30 miles from my house so I imagine I’d have to hire someone to move it and install it. He wants 1200, that seems like a lot? It comes with balls, cues, racks, etc. but I imagine I’ll have to spend 500 just to have it moved and installed… What do you think I should offer?

    • Hello friend, yes you’re correct, $1200 is a bit steep for an eliminator. I’d say between $500-600 is a fair price, assuming the cushion rubber is in good shape.
      Best wishes, David Kay.

  80. Hi Dave, you’ve been helping me move my pool table around for a long time so you know it well. If I want to sell it, what do you think I should ask? It’s a World Of Leisure but don’t know the model. I’m in Laguna Niguel currently.

    • Hello Orest, yes I have moved that 8′ foot pool table many, many times and I am sad to hear you’re thinking of giving it up. Unfortunately the used table market is very soft at the moment. You would be lucky to get around $700-800 for it. It may be best to simply disassemble the pool table and store it until you have a home with a dedicated “man cave” to enjoy pocket billiard games. Best wishes, Dave.

  81. I have an 8′ Connelly “Prescott” table that I am trying to sell. Black Diamonds, Red Felt, and we believe Maple wood. We bought it used so we don’t know the specs, we just know we got a good deal on it. Any idea on what to list it for? I have lots of pictures if you are willing to help a lady out lol. Ready for a home gym and this beauty is taking all the room 😉

    • Hello Nicole, the one thing that you’ve got in your favor is that your pool table is a name brand. I’d say asking $800-1000 is fair for both parties. Best wishes, David.

  82. Hi Dave,
    Any recommendation between a Fischer 1976 official us open table 4.5 x 9 (asking $450) vs. a Brunswick buckingham 4 X 8 (asking $200)? Looking at two used tables on Craigslist for a soon to move into house so I’m on a low budget. Fischer has new felt and Brunswick looks in good shape but probably still all original.

    • Hi Jeff, I don’t think Fischer makes a nine foot pool table. If they did I’ve never seen one. Ask for the measurements of the Fischer to verify size. The Buckingham is a decent starter pool table, it’s three piece slate versus the Fischer which is most always a one piece slate(very, very difficult to move). The Fischer has a cooler retro look that may be appealing to some folks. It’s a tough call, both would be nice playing pool tables. Best wishes, Dave.

  83. hi I have a valley pool table 7ft 7/8 inch slate trying to sell but done know a lot of sites to post it on.

    • Hi Courtney, you might try putting a flyer up in a couple of local bars in your area. You could ask between $300-1000 depending on condition. Best wishes, Dave.

  84. Greetings, Your majesty! I have an 8 y o Brunswick 8 foot contemporary pool table that I am selling. I can’t figure out how to attach
    photos. I’d like to get your opinion on pricing. Is there an email address I can send photos to? Thanks!

    • Hello Cynthia, the best thing to do is research your model of pool table on the internet and come up with a comparable price. Good luck, David.

    • Hi Greg, that looks like a Connelly “San Carlos”. It’s an older model though that’s why the nameplate is affixed to the blind apron. Also the blind aprons on older Connellys’ were attached using screws, totally normal. I’d pick this over the Brunswick any day! Grab it before it”s gone! Best wishes, Dave.

  85. Do you think 25-30 because that is when Orleans was solely made? Owner told me he was first owner and bought 15 years ago…guess it is possible he thinks telling me it is newer would help,sale but like you said, I would be happier if it was older.

    • Well, yes and no. Yes because you mentioned that the seller claims the cushions were replaced. This would only need to be done if the pool table was up in age, usually 25-30 years. And no, if it’s a newer Brunswick the cushion rubber is inferior to the older stuff and most definitely would be going “dead” after about 15 years. But either way I don’t think it really matters, except to say the older Bruns tables are American made. Not that this makes for a better “playing experience”, just American. Best wishes, Dave.

    • Great table Greg, however it’s probably closer in age to 25-30 years old but this is of no concern to you. The older the better on Brunswick tables, new products aren’t made in the USA anymore! Good luck, Dave.

    • Hello Greg, I’ve worked on many Brunswick Orleans over the years and can say without a doubt this table is very well built. I’d offer the seller between $1500-2000 for the table depending upon the condition of the cushion rubber and felt. You will of course assume the cost of moving this beast of a table. Great table! Best, Dave.

  86. I am searching for a website to list a used pool table other than craigslist and ebay. I have a regulation-sized like new Legacy pool table with dark red felt, numerous cue sticks, wall mount and all other necessaries. It also includes insets to use the table for other purposes, such as a dining table, although it has not been used for anything but a catch-all other than during the first few months after purchase. Recommendations? Website, price, etc.?

    • Sharon, sorry for the late reply. If you’re not into craigslist or eBay I’d recommend donating your pool table to the boys & girls club in your area or ymca or a church youth/teen center. Good luck, Dave.

  87. Hi, I have an 4×8 pool table I need to sell. I live in S.Florida. I have photos of it and can send them to you. It’s a Beach Made in U.S.A. and I’ve had it in my home for less than 10 years. After the newness of owning my own table ended, it sat there covered in a controlled environment. I’m not asking a lot for it because the expense of move it. Thinking around $1,770.00.

    • Hello Mike, I work in the So Cal market and can not tell you anything about So Fla prices. Good luck, Dave.

    • Thanks for reaching out to me Donough, unfortunately I’m in So Cal and don’t think I can assist with your pool table conundrum. Best, Dave.

  88. Hi Pool table King! Thanks fot this great blog!
    Could you tell me about how much my Beach Manufacturing, BBS Special, 8 foot pool table is worth? It is is good shape with great bumpers still.
    I am not sure of the date it was made. Is there somewhere on the table to look for a manufacture date?
    Thanks for any info you can give!


  89. Hello Pool King – I have a custom Olhausen 9foot pool table with a three piece slate light blue felt and maple wood (light) it’s beautiful, but it’s not practical for our life so we are looking to sell. It’s hardly ever been used. Any idea of what we could sell for in a metro area?

    • You’ll have to research your area for a better idea. Light maple isn’t super popular in our area at this time. That, combined with the fact that it is a 9′ would make it a difficult sale. You paid a good chunk of money for this table, surely. But you likely won’t get half of that selling at this time. Most people don’t have the space for a 9′ tournament sized table in their home. Good luck. Remember, you can always disassemble the table and store it.

    • Hello Joel, sorry for the late reply. It’s tough to put a price on a used Olhausen pool table. Olhausen Billiards makes many models all of which are very well made. However this can mean price ranges from a couple of hundred dollars to a few thousand. Best thing would be to do some comps in your area and price competitively. Good luck, Dave.

  90. Hello King Pool Table… I have an 8ft Pro Connelly Oak Billiard Table like brand new. I am now a single woman and would like to recover some of the funds … What would you suggest? I am in the Chicago area.

    • Ask friends and family first. Most people in SoCal use craigslist to sell to a private party. Do some research in your area to determine the market value. Find a trusted billiard mechanic to help you find a price and for the new owner to have it removed safely from your property. A pro8 Connelly is nothing to mess around with. They are heavy beasts!

    • Craigslist. The lower the price, the faster it will sell. Your table is worth what someone will pay for it. You’ll have to find the right price for your city.

    • you can sell it on craigslist, but if you aren’t getting much response, your price is too high. Camelot tables aren’t particularly valuable. A few hundred is likely what you’ll get. The new owner will have to pay to have it moved, setup and likely recushioned.

    • Rare doesn’t necessarily mean valuable. It has a mid century modern look, which is popular right now. It is well built. But, it likely won’t be a money maker when re-selling. Enjoy the table.

  91. Hey pool table king,

    I recently purchased an older fisher pool table thinking late 60’s. Pool table is in great shape I was wondering if I got a good deal I paid 400$
    My pool table is very similar to this table
    My pool table is same color and size with ball return can you give me any info
    Serial #68294


  92. Hey PT King,
    We have an Olhausen Drake 2 8′ pool table in almost mint condition (rarely used) purchased in 2000. We are moving to a much smaller condo in the city and it is time to eliminate the “pool room” and the table in it. What would be a good starting asking price (moving down of course) on Craigslist? Many, many thanks!

  93. I have a 9ft American hertiage it’s beautiful 5years old how much do you think o could resale it for?

  94. Black Gold Crown 4 in DC, needs felt and cushions.
    No ball return. Like new. $2,500 take it away
    (202) 415-7800

  95. Have a black gold crown IV. Located in DC. $2,500
    needs new felt and cushions only. No ball return.
    Private owner – very good condition

  96. I have a beautiful brunswick slatetable. Like new. Have Glaucoma. Canno play. Wish to sell tble. Please call me at: 248) 6423626. Thank you.

  97. Hi Pool Table King,
    Do you have any experience/opinion on a World of Leisure King David pool table. I found one on craigs list for $1000. Unsure of year of mfg.. Opinions on this brand are all over the place. CL posting # 4846093060. Thank You

    • hello, the king david is an awesome pool table, both looks and structurally. price is fair. best wishes, david.

  98. PT King,
    My father has a Olhausen St. Leone 9′ pool table in great shape. I found it retailes for $18,400 online. He is moving and needs to sell it. We are in South El Monte, CA. What would be a good asking price for it?

    • Hi Jason, that’s a beautiful pool table but unfortunately most folks wouldn’t necessarily be in the market for such an exquisite piece. Unfortunately you’re going to see only a fraction of the price of the table. If I were you I’d consider having the pool table professionally disassembled so that you may store it with the hopes of someday reinstalling it again. Best thoughts, Dave.

  99. Thanks so much, My buddy ” Tiger B.” that use to shoot tournaments in Las Vegas said my old Fischer Table had some of the best action he had ever seen. God rest his soul. Is there anyway that I can tell what year it was made ? Will the serial # give me a clue ? The guy I got it from back in 1985 said he bought it in early 1960’s and it was used then. Thanks Lyle

    • hey lyle thanks for sharing that info about tiger b. unfortunately there is no way that i can tell by the serial number and the company that manufactured the pool table is no longer in business. happy cueing, dave.

  100. Pool Table King, My name is Lyle I have a old 1950’s or early 1960’s Fisher Pool Table. How can I tell what year it is and is it worth more because it’s old ? It’s the old quarter slot table chrome trim & gold sides, retro. Thanks so much, Lyle

    • hello lyle, the older fischer pool table are great tables to play on, unfortunately that doesn’t make them more valuable. a used pool table like this one could be worth anywhere between $300-1000 depending on the physical location and condition of the pool table. best wishes, dave.

  101. Hey there King,

    I have a 8 foot Goldenwest Innsbrook table in maple wood. Good condition, maybe 10 years old, always covered with matching rack and house cues (all in great shape). What do you think it would go for nowadays?

    • happy new year clay, unfortunately used pool tables are a dime a dozen right now and therefore i would strongly recommend that you disassemble and store it until you’re ready to reclaim your mancave again. goldenwest is a very well made pool table and unfortunately people who are scouring craigslist for the cheapest thing they can find would only willing to pay the median price of a used pool table. another route you can you can take is donating your pool table to the boys and girls clubs or church youth/teen center near your home. we can assist in either the moving of the pool table or disassembling it and storing it inside your garage. best wishes, dave.

  102. Hey, my name is chris. I am trying to sell my pool table to someone who is interested. I’m moving out of Georgia and just have no bring it. It’s a standard green 4×8, 3piece slate. Buppers in great condition also. I’m not trying to get rich i just want to get a Little something for it if its possible, Just make me an offer or If you have any suggestions I would be so grateful.

  103. Looking to sell my 9 foot Imperial International pool table with all of its accessories: triangle, balls, sticks, stand for sticks, etc. Great condition. Email me your best offer at

  104. Hi Pool table king. I was hoping you can help with a table that I want to buy used. The table was bought in 1996 played on for 2 years and than professionally carted up and sat in a garage for 17 years. It is a Olhausen kinda plain. 7 ft he wants 700.00.. What do you think? will it have the Accu-fast cushions ? will it be warped because sitting in a hot garage for 17 years?

    Thanks for you time!

    • hi paul, olhausen pool tables are good but being disassembled for that many years may cause some problems for the cushions, depending on the climate it was stored in. i still think you can do ok buying it but the price is a bit too high especially because it’s disassembled and you can’t test out the play. i’d offer $400 and call it a day. best wishes, dave.

  105. Looking to sell a 10 yr old Wentworth (I think) Olhausen 8 ft. pool table in very good condition. It has already been moved to the location, just trying to work out a fair price. Has a few stains on the felt, but otherwise is in great condition. Over $7000 new with all the extras. This is just the table and light.

  106. SELLING Connelly billiards tables. we have 4′ x 8′ and 4.5′ x 9′ tables.
    so keep that in mind.
    PRICE is negotiable but starts at $400

    If interested or want more information, please call 626.386.8323

  107. My wife and I are looking to purchase a home and the seller is also looking to sell his pool table along with some other items. Althoug I’d play if we had one, the only reason we are thinking of buyin git is because it is already at the house. He said it is an American Heritage, nice, only used about 10 times and about 20 years old. We are waiting to receive some pictures to see if we want to purchase it, but he is selling it for $2000. Looking at the resale values here, it seems to be a bit high for a resale. With the info provided, can you give us a value range? I’ll send the pictures when I get them for a more accurate appraisal. Thanks!

    • Hello Michael, your instincts are correct. For a Malaysian or Chinese made pool table, (not sure where they’re making them these days), it’s a ridiculously high price. Not to mention the fact that most every American Heritage pool table that I’ve ever worked on has had a couple of “dead” cushions. This is mostly due to the fact that the  manufacturer uses some of the poorest quality cushion rubber in the billiard industry. Offer him $500 or tell him to get it out of there. For two grand you can buy a used, well made, American pool table such as a Connelly, Golden West or Olhausen.

      Good luck and thanks for your question, Dave.

  108. We have a 7 year old pool table. Purchased it at Costco . Its in really great condition 4 X 7 feet. We will sell for an awesome price. Located in Orange County California. Can you help us. Thank you

    • Hello and thank you for reading my blog. At this time we’re not looking for any more used pool tables. Your best bet is to contact boys and girls clubs in your area or church youth groups. A lot of great times could be had by tons of kids playing on your donated pool table.
      Best wishes, dave.

  109. Either of these is what I am after. Could either of these work for a dining table as well? I was thinking of getting a conversion ping pong top ( unclip the net) so I could through a table cloth over it so we can eat there as well. Or have a table top made for it if
    On a side note these are out of my price range. 🙁 but I am a serious buyer. But have to buy used to keep price down. Any other thought where I can look.

  110. Hello pool table king i have a custom original 8′ professional solid oak renaissance 3 piece 1″ slate. style is La Paz in excellent condition also comes with matching cue rack with 8 custom cue sticks.
    Pool Light included
    What price can we ask?
    all frames and components made of solid hardwoods
    slate is italian, diamond honed
    pockets are genuine leather
    Thanks for you input

    • hello theresa you can bet the farm that this pool table is better than anything on the open used pool table market today. unfortunately used pool table buyers don’t understand the difference between quality and crap. if we were selling this pool table from our showroom we’d probably offer it for $1800. which would also include us delivering it to client’s home and re-installing it. hope this helps, dave.

    • hello boss, you know this brunswick model pool table looks a lot like one i’ve worked on before. not this one but one around here in so cal. but i seem to remember that is was not a slate table. brunswick had a line of lower priced, entry level pool tables with playing fields that were made from “honeycomb”. which is a fancy name for non-slate. just be careful, check the table out yourself. crawl underneath and feel the bottom of the “slate” if it feels cold or cool to the touch then it’s slate. good luck, dave.

  111. Hello- i am looking for an 8 by 4 more rustic looking table. I saw one that American Herritage sells that they made for Pottery Barn that I like. Of coarse want to by used. Looking for a quick purchase.

    • Hi Tia, unfortunately the Pottery Barn/American Heritage pool table is pretty new to the pool table market and thus there aren’t many if any at all used for sale. I represent Connelly Billiards, if you’d like a truly “American” made pool table i can work with you on that. We do have a model called the del mar that we could make out of distressed, knotty pine.
      Cheers, Dave.

  112. I have an Olhausen 8 foot table with green felt that I bought about 8 years ago. It is in almost perfect condition. I would guess it hasn’t been played on more than 30 times. I have a leather cover, balls, racks, cues, and wall rack for the cues. It has been indoors and covered the entire time. Any suggestions on price, or where I can sell it. Somewhere besides craigslist would be great. Thanx. 🙂

    • It depends on the model of Olhausen. Here in Orange County, people generally ask around 40% of purchase price of table. The used pool table market is inundated with sellers right now. It may help to include the cost of the move into your asking price. This makes it easier for the buyer.

  113. Hi Pool Table King, I am looking for a quality pre-owned 9 foot pool table for my home. Have you seen any nice ones available lately? If so, please refer me.

    • Hello Jeff. No nine footers at this time, they’re kind of rare because of the additional space needed to have one comfortably installed in a typical home. I can build you a new one if you aren’t able to find one in the used pool table market. Dave.

  114. Hi we have a custom original 8′ professional solid oak renaissance 3 piece 1″ slate. style is La Paz in excellent condition also comes with matching cue rack with 8 custom cue sticks.
    Pool Light included
    What price can we ask?
    all frames and components made of solid hardwoods
    slate is italian, diamond honed
    pockets are genuine leather
    Thanks for you input

  115. I have a 9ft custom original renaissance table hand carved by Charles a porter. What is a good selling price? I have found other originals online going for 20k and up

    • It is hard to say without knowing the condition and your location. We can only give you an idea of selling price based on the Orange County, CA market.

  116. Hello Mr. King:
    In the antique pool table business ourselves here in FL. Sssslllllooowwww-going. How about in CA??? I hear that you are getting more money for the same table out there. Any truth to that??
    From one business owner trying to stay afloat to another, Cheers!

  117. Hi ~ I have an 8′ Olhausen Dona Marie table that I bought about 8 years ago (for $7000). It’s been in storage for about 7 years now, and I’m wanting to sell it. I’m wondering how much I might be able to get for it, and where the best place to try to sell it might be. Thanks!

    • Hi Terry, that’s a great looking, well built American pool table. Unfortunately you’ve got two negatives stacked against you. First it’s not assembled for someone to look at or play on and test out. Second, it’s a used pool table and in today’s used table market means it’s probably worth less than half of what you paid for it. What most people don’t understand are the intricate differences between Chinese pool tables (which have flooded the market) and quality American made pool tables, all they see is a pool table, and in your case they won’t even see that. If you find trusting buyer, a fair price would be between $1500-2000 with all the accessories that accompany the pool table. Good luck and let me know if I can be of further assistance, Dave.

  118. Hi Pool Table King,

    I am looking to sell a Authentic Brunswick, 8×4 in size, and in good shape just may need re-felting just looking to sell ASAP!! Thank You!!

    • Hey Danielle, tough to sell antique pool tables these days. Finding the right buyer whom is willing to pay what it it actually worth is tough. Maybe try ebay for a larger audience.

  119. I have a 1960’s Fischer Express 101 pool table that I purchased 20 years ago. I had the bumpers and felt redone 11 years ago and have had it in storage for the last 10 years. It was originally coin operated but that was removed. I know it is a 1 piece marble slate and it 8×4 in size. Any idea’s on how much it would be worth today? Any help is greatly appreciated.

    • Hello Brenda, you’ve got an oldie but a goodie. Assuming the cushion rubber is still in good working condition I’d say your old Fischer pool table is worth between $500-700. Good luck and thanks for your comment, Dave.


  121. I have a 5 year old American Heritage pool table for sale. It is in good shape the bummper are like new. I has been taken apart and ready to shp. I am looking for $2000.00 or best offer. this 4×8 pool table has what I call tiger legs and nice oak. Please contact me it you would like more info. 805-279-7063

  122. Hey Pool King,
    I have a 4×8 World of Leisure pool table. It’s a 3-piece slate with real oak wood finish. The felt and rails are in good shape. (Red) Leather drop pockets and approximately 12 cues plus bridge and 2-piece wall mounted cue rack with a table cover. Also additional minor accessories. What do you think it all would be worth?

    • Hey Greg thanks for your question. The value of your used World of Leisure pool table really depends on which model you have. If it’s one of their older models built here in California then it really comes down to the thickness of the cabinet and whether or not it’s solid wood or plywood veneer. If it’s a 1.5 inch thick solid wood cabinet and the slates are one inch thick backed with either poplar or particle wood, then I’d say you could ask $1000 or higher depending on exactly which model you have and assuming the cushion rubber and leather pockets are not on their way to needing replacement. On the other hand if you’ve got one of World of Leisure’s economy models with .75 inch veneer or solid wood cabinet with a .75 inch thick un-backed slates and assuming the cushion rubber and leather pockets still have five years of life or better, I’d put a value of $500 on it. We’re also assuming that the buyer will be paying for all disassembly, moving and re-installation work, which can cost anywhere between $375-575 depending on unforeseen problems, distances and/or difficult exit and entry in both origin and destination locations.
      Hope this helps, Dave.

      • Aloha Dave, I have a WOL table as well. It looks like its not an economy model. I would like to disassemble and move this table. Is there anywhere I can find step-by-step disassembly instructions for a 3-slate WOL table? It is very similar to their Houston model for sale on their site. No serial that I could find, but stickers on the slate “Italian Slate”. Plenty of shims here and there, leveling to be sure. I am very capable, and would like to learn the proper and true way to disassemble/re-assemble a 3-slate table. Can you help? Mahalo!

  123. Hello,
    I own a Brunswick-Balke-Collender 4 slate table from the 1880’s. It’s been in my basement since my father bought it for me back in 1965. The wood is all there and needs to be refinished, but the guy that replaced the cloth said don’t touch it and let the someday new owner do it. I have looked on a lot of antique pool table sites and have not found another one like it. I know the story about this table from the turn of the last century. I am thinking about putting this table up for sale but have no idea what I should ask – any ideas where I should start?

    • Hi Frank, it sounds like an interesting antique pool table. I don’t have much resale dealings with pieces like yours. You may want to speak to Steve Roeder of Blatt Billiards in NYC, this is right up their alley.
      Regards, Dave.

  124. I just purchased a home and it came with a pool table. It is an Irving Kaye and has a serial number of KS-15810. Can you help find out what kind of table it is and the value for sale please?

    • Irving Kaye is a great home pool table. There is not much resale value though, the mechanical function is not the greatest design compared to a Valley, Dynamo, Global or even a Murrey coin op pool table. If you don’t need the table now consider disassembling it and storing it until a time in the future when you’ll be able to put it to good use. But if you just want it gone, I’m sure you could get $500 for it. Thanks for your question and good luck, Dave.

  125. These are great tips! I’m trying to sell a couple old pool tables in Calgary but haven’t listed them yet because I can’t settle on a price. I never considered having the moving cost included in the price. Lots to think about here. Thanks again!

  126. interested in selling my pool table..its a imperial international if interested call/txt me at 951-710-7964 thanks

  127. I am looking to buy an used 7ft newer used pool table (genuine sectional slates and good rail condition) –
    Any suggestion where is the best place to look?

    • we occasionally sell used pool tables of different sizes. The best thing for you to do would be to come on down to our Orange County, CA pool table showroom. Thanks for your question, Dave.

    • That’s a great idea Barbara! Have you checked with your local boys & girls club or church youth group? Thanks for your comment. Dave

    • did you find someone that wanted it? Realize this was 2013 but we also are moving and want to sell or donate our table. wondering how to find someone interested?

  128. i want to sell my 5ft riley pool table but i do not know how much to sell it for do you think anyone would buy it for £85

  129. Have an Imperial International (Sir Charles Edition) about 10 years old. 8 ‘Oak with all accessories. How much do you think I could sell it for?

    • I’d say you could get $1000 for it, assuming the cushions have not gone bad. Imperial tables are hit and miss. I’ve seen seven year old tables with dead rails. Good luck.

        • Hey there Pallet guy! Sounds like a Beauty! Unfortunately the name recognition will only equate to slight to moderately higher than usual value than a no name brand billiard table. You could reach a more monetarily suitable audience on Ebay. Maybe start the bidding around $3000. Good luck, David

  130. i have an amf grand prix 4 1/2×9 tournament grade,gold trim. paid 8,700 ten years ago, can u tell me what it is worth today .thanks john a lappas.

    • Unfortunately that is not the most sought after size for home use. Most folks prefer a 4×8 foot. You’d probably ask $2000 and maybe split the moving costs with the prospective buyer. Good luck.

  131. like to sell 9 foot pool table with everything included 14 pool sticks and two pool racks with everything that goes with pool table,.every thing is in excellent shape.asking $750.00. call 1-269-445-5099.

    • Howdy sandy,
      That is good offer for that what u are selling them as very nice pool table! I assume it may be going down $500.00 cuz I will drive to meet u there from Colorado, I assume u may reside in kalamazoo or portage,mich , I lived there in few yrs ago. Is that correct in mich or out of state? Are those table weight heavy or lighter? How many men carried that table? What color felt was it came with? Can u send me photo of them all? Let me know about it? Thanks and warm regard,elizabeth

  132. Hi Rory,
    I am the president of the Billiards Club in Casta del Sol, a retirement community in Mission Viejo. The Association is looking into ways to sell or donate an older pool table as part of a renovation project. The table is a nine footer made by American Billiards of Los Angeles. I believes they are no longer in business. The base of the table is showing its age (30 years). The felt and cushions are like new since they are replaced every seven years. I do not know the number of slate pieces, but there are at least two. The table is at ground level. The final call on disposing of the table is up to our association Board of Directors. I am the liaison. HELP! I cannot figure out how to use gravator so I will try to send pix to your company’s regular email address in care of your name.

    • I Molly I was just reading your comment from the pool master guy ha ha just wondered if you ever connected on the pool table I just happen to be selling the same pool table which is practically new and been in a heated room and it is beautiful. Paid 4000. Selling for 15 or best offer. Beautiful quality cover and I’ll accessories included

  133. I am looking for information on a Fischer pool table dated back to the 60’s or 70″. The Model is a Regent #91E with the Serial # being 910950. I am trying to sell it as is and am wondering what it could be worth.

    • Michael, if you would e-mail us some pics we may be able to put a value on your Fischer. Also what is the condition of felt and cushions. Also is the pool table located on the ground floor, upstairs or in a basement. All of these factors severely impact the value. We’re assuming it’s an eight foot, one piece slate, right?
      Thanks for your comment. dk
      E-mail pool table pics

    • I have an opportunity to buy a Goldern West pool table. What is it worth? We would need to go up some stairs (abt 4)and there is no local installer as we are in a rural area (along with the table). Here’s the description: Bella La Fleur Standard 4×8, Belgian Ball Set, oak, pro-sights, leather pockets, african hardwood rail run. Of course, we’re looking for a bargain with six teens at home but what is fair? What is a bargain? It’s been for sale for a while and started at around $4000.00 but is now down to $2500. It comes with accessories such a cues, table cover, etc.

      • Hello Molly, I’d offer $1250 and see where it takes you. Even if you paid up to $1500-1750 for that model you’d still be getting a good deal. Golden West makes fine pool tables. Best regards, David Kay.

      • I Molly I was just reading your comment from the pool master guy ha ha just wondered if you ever connected on the pool table I just happen to be selling the same pool table which is practically new and been in a heated room and it is beautiful. Paid 4000. Selling for 15 or best offer. Beautiful quality cover and I’ll accessories included

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